Heaven’s Postman Preview

{EDIT: Extended preview! Jaejoong speaks too quietly…SADFACE. }

Starring: Jaejoong, Han Hyo Joo

According to my sources (1, 2) , this is not your average drama. Why? Because Hero & Hyo Joo are only appearing in the first episode.  There are 7 full episodes with different stories.  There will be a  TV version and a movie version, which will be 60 minutes and 120 minutes long respectively according to the post in link #2.

I haven’t seen anything with either of them in it, but I know Hyo Joo is an amazing actress. You can tell from that short clip~! But Jae…well, I hope that his whole character isn’t just being a brick wall. I so want him to do well, but I know that not all stars are blessed with the ability to act (see my thoughts on Kangin in Hello Schoolgirl). 

There’s no news on when this is to be released. In any case, I’ll probably be too busy watching IRIS on TV. This looks exciting! Can’t wait for the movie version! For those of you that have seen Jae in other things, how was he? What do you think this will be like?


Don’t Laugh at my Romance

An older and more experienced art teacher decides to teach her student a lesson in love.

(AKA: Sex is no Laughing Matter)

AsianMedia | LoveHKFilm

Starring: Matsuyama Kenichi, Nagasaku Hiromi, Aoi Yu, Oshinari Shugo

Following the theme of the last movie, I decided to delve into another May-December romance. You may know Matsuyama as the guy that played L in the Death Note movie(s), but I could only think of how much he looks like Kyuhyun! I also remembered that I have a chronic illness: supporting male-itis. There’s always some non-main character guy floating around that I crush on big time. Shugo was that guy this time around.

Mirume (Matsuyama) is a 19-year-old college kid living with his grandfather. His drab life is suddenly injected with mirth when he and his friends En-chan (Yu) and Domoto (Oshinari) give a ride to a rather unorthodox woman who missed her train home. It turns out that she’s Yuri (Nagasaku), the eccentric and playful – almost 40 – lithography professor at their school! She invites him to her studio and proceeds to seduce the still innocent boy. However, Mirume eventually discovers that Yuri is married…to a much older man! To make things more complicated, love triangles

This movie is as quirky as its lead female. At first, though I like that she was the aggressor, I was frustrated that Mirume didn’t seem to be reciprocating. However, there were obvious changes in his personality later on. He was happier, and eventually seems to gain more confidence. I was happy when they found equal footing and both were able to give and receive. 

Yuri is unpredictable and bubbly, while Mirume is rather set in his ways and a bit melancholic. I liked the contrast of their personalities. Mirume also became different when he was with Yuri. He smiled and laughed, and became more childish. Away from her, he returned to being silent and moody. He deals with his emotions by shutting himself away, while Yuri uses her art to express herself. When she says things, they’re often taken as jokes due to their left-field nature, despite most of these things being sincere. 

I also saw similiarities with En and Yuri. Both are attached to Mirume, but only Yuri had the courage to do something about it. By the time En gets the courage, it’s too late and his every thought is already consumed with Yuri. Domoto is opposite to Mirume in that he is a nice, laid-back guy. He, too, is hesitant at first, but then gets the courage to act upon his feelings.

Nobody ends up “together” per se. It’s sort of open, but leaning towards a positive end. It closes with: Just because you can’t see someone, doesn’t mean it’s over.  

Few would probably put this at the top of their list of favorites, but overall an interesting movie. It’s slow and deliberate with a bit of the “What the hell?” factor thrown in there. I liked it more for that subject matter it explored.

Rating: 2.5/5

Post-Spring Break Updates

I did manage to watch some movies, but reviews will have to wait until I have a paper to put off or something. But definitely not when I should be filling out my app to study in Korea next semester. :^D

Movies: I’m a Cyborg, but that’s Okay; Antique Bakery

Koizora (J): UM. I loved this movie. I don’t think I can bring myself to watch the drama, though. Maybe much later. Haruma Miura is much too beautiful and too good at the role of Hiro. Nevermind that Japan jumped on the bandwagon hellbent on making me a pedo (He born in 1990! WUT). It was really sad, though. Like I said, Haruma is someone I need to keep my eye on.

Boys Before Flowers ~ [currently downloading episode 20]: I actually like Jaekyung, so whatever. I’m sure they’ll probably have the drama end similar to the manga. Which is a shame, since I like Jaekyung x Jun Pyo a whole lot. She almost makes him…bearable? The love triangle/square/rectangle needs to be over. And F3 needs to stop being emo. It’s affecting my Soeulmates! And if they go…um, why am I still watching this? GET IT TOGETHER, YI JEONG.

MARS ~ [episode 17]: Haha, SO CLOSE. I am fail, I know. Ling saves the day…using a motorcycle! Meanwhile, the almost-Mrs. Chen rethinks her plea to allow him to ride again. And Tongdao remains deliciously insane. But mostly delicious.


Boys Before Flowers [awaiting episode 11] ~ The woman who plays President Kang needs to have an award thrown at her face. I love how she melts everything with one look, and can still convey to the audience so much. Oh, and the Ee Jung/Ga Eul (aka SoEulmate!) pairing has become my OTP for this series.

MARS [started episode 11] ~ Enter the bisexual sociopath! Oh, he is so delicious. It’s such a shame that Ling/Tongdao (in the manga, Rei/Masao) fanfiction is practically impossible to come by. *sigh*

Time Between a Dog and a Wolf [hiatus] ~ I hate that I left this show hanging for so long, but I’m just not in the mood for CIA-type stuff – even if Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi are in it. I’ll try to forcefeed it to myself this weekend, because I don’t want this to be like Damo, where I’ve finished MARS and loved it so much that the thing directly after it just can’t hold up. I kinda miss both of those amazing individuals aforementioned, too…

Boys Before Everything Else?

This section will be updated every Tues or Thurs of the week. It depends on when the latest BOF episodes come out. (;

Boys Before Flowers [awaiting episode 9] ~ Honestly, I still haven’t figured out why I like this show. It must be Kimbum’s gorgeous smile, all the sparkly time Hyunjoong gets, and Minho’s ridiculous (yet somehow sexy) hair. It could also be because I have a crush on like…the entire cast. Jun Pyo’s noona = HAWT. And I am totally rooting for Ee Jung/Ga Eul, since I know that the Ji Hoo/Jan Di team is a losing one. Pretty Boy Power has nicknamed this show “Boys Before Social Life” (among other things), which is kinda true. You know those people that said, “Can’t talk, reading [insert Harry Potter/Twilight book here]?” Yeah, that’s me with this series.

1% of Anything [completed]

Marmalade Boy (Taiwanese) [dropped] ~ I was really excited to find this, since I have the complete manga series and enjoyed it. It seems to follow the manga pretty exactly. I didn’t mind so much that it was made in 2002, but the acting of one of the main characters was so awful, I couldn’t continue.

MARS (Taiwanese) [finished episode 4] ~ Also nearly identical to its manga counterpart, the cast in this one is fabulous. I’m excited to finish it! I already downloaded the opening song…

Rating System

So, you want to know what things mean when I rate them? You’re in the right place. Each rating means something different to me, so it might differ slightly from your perception of that number.

I typically rate things from 2 – 5. Why skip 1? Because to me, 1 assumes that it was so bad that I really don’t know why I finished it. If it really was that bad, I would have dropped the series.

  • 2: Worst rating. This number is assigned to something that had good moments, but those were just overshadowed by all the bad moments. There also may have been one or more characters (probably major) that I did not like. I probably didn’t like the plot very much, either. I would not watch things in this category again.
  • 2.5: Slightly better than the above. These are the things I felt like could have been so much better if only certain characters or situations did not play out the way they did. I might re-watch a scene or two of something with this rating.
  • 3: This is the middle ground. There were good things and bad things, and was all-around decent. Nothing exciting, but nothing terrible. There is probably at least one episode I would watch again.
  • 3.5: These are usually the things that were pretty good, and that I enjoyed a lot, but fell flat toward the end. Or maybe the final episode itself didn’t satisfy me, but the series as a whole was enjoyable. These are probably things I tell people to go check out on their own. I would lend it to them if I had it on hand, or watch with a group of friends.
  • 4: This is the rating I give when I really liked a series. I liked the characters, the plot, and the ending. This is usually where I start recommending things to people. I would probably prefer watching this in a group no larger than four.
  • 4.5: This is something I really liked. I really cared about the plot and characters, even if I was unhappy about something (ending, pairing, etc). I highly recommend anything with this rating, and would watch it with up to two friends.
  • 5: This is a rating you will rarely see. These are the things that really touched a nerve in me, and could even be considered life-altering. Things with this rating usually touch on intellectual issues a lot more than is typical for dramas. These are ones where reality comes as a jolt after it’s over. This is something that I would want you to watch after reading the review, pretty much. I probably own something in this category, and have watched it several times. I probably have the soundtrack, too. I would lend these out to very special people only, and would probably watch it with only one other person. Exception: If it’s a group who have already seen it, and really liked it. (:

I prefer my coffee, chocolate, and men RICH!

Disclaimer: This blog in no way encourages gold-digging.

I now return you to your weekly drama update!

Boys Before Flowers: [watching episode 5] ~ You know, I don’t even like buying shoes that much, yet this show has made me want to wear heels more often. It has also made me more conscious of the footwear I see around me, or in other things. I’m also developing severe crushes on Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum. ♥

1% of Anything: [episode 22, part 2] ~ Almost there, almost there. Lack of interest in the story makes for slow progress. But I’m treating this series like Robotussin: gulping it down fast, and immediately rinsing any foul taste in my mouth with something sweet.

Up Next: Japanese/Taiwanese suggestions, please!

January 9

  • Boys Before Flowers: [awaiting episode 3] ~  Kim Hyunjoong…♥ I hope this doesn’t end up being as horrible a mistake as it seems right now. Just think of all the pretty shoes! And all that gorgeous furniture…
  • 1% of Anything: [episode 19, part 1] ~ Sorry about the lag. My circadian rhythm was knocked off course, but I’m back in the swing of things! Will be finishing this series shortly! I’ll get on at least finishing this ep. before I go to bed!

Up Next: Something not in Korean. Probably a movie. I operate on whim about 95% of the time. (:

December 30

  • Damo: [Finished]
  • 1% of Anything: [Episode 18, part 1]
  • Time Between a Dog and a Wolf: Hiatus

Potential Next Series

Brown Sugar Macchiato (Twdrama)

CHANGE (Jdrama)

Kingdom of the Winds, Iljimae, Yi San (Kdrama)

As always, feel free to make suggestions! ♥