A Millionaire’s First Love

“This girl is worth more to me than 99.9% of my inheritance.” – Jae-kyung

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Starring: Hyun Bin, Lee Yeon Hee

What is it with this girl and playing the sickly but strong? Probably because she looks really pale and skinny, and can fake a cardiac arrest like nobody’s business. [See One Fine Day for further evidence.] And this isĀ  my first run-in with Hyun Bin, too. Remember how I said that I usually found someone from a previous drama/movie in the next one I watch? Guess who I found? Im Ju Hwan, the actor of Yi Jeong’s older brother from Boys Before Flowers! There’s something about his face…or maybe his voice, that makes him loveable, I think. Anyway, back to the movie.

Kang Jae-kyung (Hyun Bin) is a spoiled rich kid that uses money to get him out of everything. He rides his motorcycle through the school hallways, and gets into fights. It doesn’t matter, since once he turns 18, he’ll have full control over his grandfather’s fortune. But there’s a catch: the will states that Jae-kyung has to transfer to a rural school in the middle of nowhere and graduate. All access to credit cards, his penthouse and cottage are restricted until he proves he is worthy of the fortune by working. Should he drop out or fail to graduate, none of the inheritance goes to him. He meets Choi Eun-hwan (Lee Yeon Hee), whom he happens to have stumbled across in Seoul. Being in the school brings the two together, but a terrible secret has time running out for the new lovers.

Okay, seriously. Korea needs to stop with that, “I’ve loved you since I first saw you,” crap. Anyway, I digress. Hyun Bin does a good job at the typical rich douchebag that you somehow end up loving, but it is his changed self that really pulls you in. As you begin to understand the situation, you begin to feel his same desperation, and share in his heartbreak.

There are several montage scenes where touching music plays, to capitalize on how precious each moment together is. I think the thing that touched me most was the haunting song, In Sa (or Farewell). It has three different versions – the first being sung by Jaejoong, then a female version by Lee Yeon Hee, and a group one with all of DBSK. It’s probably the most depressing and moving song, second only to Song of Devotion from Damo.

Anyway, this story is about Jae-kyung’s realization that money is not the most important thing in the world: it’s love. Even better is that it’s a love he cannot keep. It’s a really touching movie with a sad ending and an amazing OST. If you’re known to cry during movies, I suggest having tissues on hand.

Rating: 3.5/5

Do you know why people close their eyes when kissing? Because in that short amount of time, I miss you.” – Jae-kyung



“I want to be the sky, so I can always watch over you.” – Hiro

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Starring: Miura Haruma, Aragaki Yui

So, Japan decided to jump on the bandwagon to try to make me a pedo. Korea was already doing a great job with SHINee and Ajoo, too. Join the pedo-bandwagon!!

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