Sunkyunkwan Scandal

Cast: Park Min Young | Micky Yoochun | Song Joong Ki | Yoo Ah In

Kim Yoon Hee  (Park Min Young) is a daughter of the Joseon era who is used to dressing up as a man. Her father is dead and her sick younger brother is unable to work, so who else will support the family? She works as a scribe who makes study guides for students, and is even paid to take tests in their place. But when she mistakes the Left State Minister’s uptight son, Lee Sun Joon (Yoochun) for the person she’s supposed to help cheat, she forms an unlikely friendship with him and enters the prestigious Sungkyunkwan University under her brother’s name. She and Lee Sun Joon share a room with the rebellious upperclassman Moon Jae Shin (Yoo Ah In), nicknamed “Crazy Horse.” She also meets the fashionable playboy Goo Yong Ha (Song Joongki). The four form an unlikely bond, but will the knowledge that she’s a girl ruin everything for them?

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Stand Up!! episode 4 summary


We join Shou-chan again on the floor and talking about how he’s only been hit by his father three times in his life. The first was by accident during a nap together. The 2nd time was in junior high during a race when it seemed like he couldn’t go on. And the third is where we jump in as the whole town tries to get Shou-chan to work at their store. Shou-chan is gonna quit school and he’s gotten Mochizuki-sensei pregnant and word has gotten ’round to his parents!

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Stand Up!! episode 3 summary

He should worry more about what's on the outside.

The episode opens with Shou-chan in an ambulance, listing the things that scare him: his dad, Sadako (from The Ring), and when others get hurt. We see a flashback of when Chie fell off a swing and started bleeding. Kid!Chie tells Kid!Shou-chan that she’s okay but he still cried. Since then, he made a promise that if a woman ever fell in front of him he would try to help her. We see Shou-chan in a hospital running along Mochizuki-sensei, who is unconscious on a stretcher. We are taken back to when the 2nd ep. ended and he rings the doorbell. The door opens, but no one is there. He looks down and sees Mochizuki-sensei collapsed on the floor. He panics and calls for an ambulance. He gets to witness his sister in action and the “reality of a Japanese hospital,” according to her. She then tells Shou-chan to pay for Mochizuki-sensei’s visit, since he was classified as her “family member.”

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Stand Up!! episode 2 summary

Hiding in the girls' bathroom & listening intently

The episode opens with Shou-chan telling us what he does to feel confident, which is think about the things he’s better at than Kenken. According to him there are three:

  1. Shou-chan is kind.
  2. He’s not picky.
  3. Shou-chan knows more about the manga Sangokushi.

Things Kenken beat him at include height, eye size and apparently penis size! This comes up again in later episodes. You all want to see Yamapi  naked, don’t lie! It’s only right after the makeout scene he had in the first episode, right?

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Stand Up!! episode 1 summary

It's mostly about sex, but also about hotties!

DramaWiki | Jdorama | Crunchyroll

As I will not be reviewing everything that I watch, I will start doing summaries for the things that are not reviewed here. These are very spoilery, so it’s best that you avoid them if you don’t want to know what happens.

Cast: Yamapi, Oguri Shun, Ninomiya Kazunari (of Arashi), Narimiya Hiroki, Suzuki Anne

How did I find this? I’m not sure. I either saw a part of it on TV or ran across it in a random Youtube escapade. AND WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT CAST. This was made in 2003, and Oguri Shun has blond hair. It’s labeled as ‘dramedy’, but really you’re mostly getting hilarious shenanigans. Anyway, on to the summary!

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Speedy Scandal

HanCinema | Wikipedia | AsianMediaWiki

Starring: Cha Tae-hyun, Park Bo Young, Hwang Seok-Hyeon

Recommended by a Korean friend, I was attracted to the idea of it being purely comedic without romantic undertones. Cha Tae-hyun in My Sassy Girl was my very first look into Korean culture, and I think I’ve always held him in my heart as that funny yet loveable guy.

Nam Hyun-soo (Cha Tae-hyun) was an idol in his day. He’s now in his thirties, and host of a popular radio program. All of Korea is gripped by the moving story of a young, single mother in search of her father. When she calls into the show for advice, Hyun-soo tells her to not be afraid and confront her father. Not too long after that, Hwang Jeong-nam (Park Bo Young) shows up with her son, Gi-dong (Hwang Seok-hyeon) in tow, claiming to be Hyun-soo’s daughter. He tries to hide the facts, which leads to speculation that the two  are a couple!  In the midst of the scandal, all parties learn some valuable lessons.

Cha Tae-hyun is comedic gold, people. I don’t think I can ever take him seriously again! He is perfect for that plot with a seemingly ordinary man thrust into extraordinary situations, and he gives that character a larger-than-life feel. Hyun-soo believes that he’s still an idol, and thus worries what will happen if the news that he’s a father and a grandfather gets 0ut. What he doesn’t realize is that the public quickly loses interest and turns its attention to the up-and-coming instead. He learns that sometimes it’s better to branch out of what is comfortable.

Park Bo Young is a pretty new face in the Korean acting scene, and she’s absolutely adorable! She takes on the role of the sweet-faced, foul-tempered young woman that blows mediocrity out of Hyun-soo’s life! As his daughter, she inherits her stubborness from her father, and the two get into fights often. She has always been angry at her father for not being there for her, but she learns that sometimes, people aren’t at all what you expect. Her character’s dream is to be a singer, and I’m not sure if she actually sings for the movie, but what a powerful voice!!

Gi-dong surprises the audience by having a pretty big role in bringing together the family. You want to write off the cherubic face framed in curls, but beneath the sweetness lurks a little devil! He is quick to charm, but will gamble you blind! Add onto that antics that mimic  his grandfather’s hilarious personality.

This is seriously not a movie to miss! Make sure you’re in the mood for comedy with a bit of a lesson, or you’ll find this boring and predictable. The lesson that I got out of it was to practice safe sex! Accidental parenthood is no laughing matter.

Rating: 3.5/5

Attack on the Pin-up Boys


Starring: All of Suju (sans Kyuhyun, due to the accident)

It suddenly occurred to me – as I watched this for the second time two nights ago – I never wrote a review for this movie! Tragedy!

The movie is about Donghae and Kibum, two pretty average kids, one with a knack for sleuth work and blogging. When Sungmin is attacked by a vengeful soul whose arsenal is only a bag of poop, nobody thought anything of it. He was beautiful and popular, so antis were a given, right? But when rockstar Yesung and basketball pretty boy Hankyung also get attacked, people started noticing. Schools dubbed these incidents as “Attacks on the Pin-up Boys,” as they were directed only at the popular and attractive students. Rumour has it that Paran High, where Donghae and Kibum attend will be next ~ but will the attacker choose national judo champ Kangin, hip-hop sensation Heechul, or school president Siwon? And something in this investigation seems a little fishy…

Okay, so it’s not really as epic as I made it sound. It’s a fun movie, especially if you’re a Super Junior fan. Donghae is pretty good, and Kibum’s future in acting was definitely clear. To this day, people still recall Wookie’s hilarious performance as sidekick to the ever-perfect Siwon. According to a recent interview, he just watched his hyungs acting, and copied their energy and enthusiasm playing completely ridiculous characters. Which is probably why he’s the most hilarious.

Definitely recommended for those boring, rainy days or whenever you have nothing else to do. You are guaranteed side-clutching laughter, or at the very least a smile.

Rating: 3.5/5