I prefer my coffee, chocolate, and men RICH!

Disclaimer: This blog in no way encourages gold-digging.

I now return you to your weekly drama update!

Boys Before Flowers: [watching episode 5] ~ You know, I don’t even like buying shoes that much, yet this show has made me want to wear heels more often. It has also made me more conscious of the footwear I see around me, or in other things. I’m also developing severe crushes on Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum. ♥

1% of Anything: [episode 22, part 2] ~ Almost there, almost there. Lack of interest in the story makes for slow progress. But I’m treating this series like Robotussin: gulping it down fast, and immediately rinsing any foul taste in my mouth with something sweet.

Up Next: Japanese/Taiwanese suggestions, please!


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