Boys Before Flowers [awaiting episode 11] ~ The woman who plays President Kang needs to have an award thrown at her face. I love how she melts everything with one look, and can still convey to the audience so much. Oh, and the Ee Jung/Ga Eul (aka SoEulmate!) pairing has become my OTP for this series.

MARS [started episode 11] ~ Enter the bisexual sociopath! Oh, he is so delicious. It’s such a shame that Ling/Tongdao (in the manga, Rei/Masao) fanfiction is practically impossible to come by. *sigh*

Time Between a Dog and a Wolf [hiatus] ~ I hate that I left this show hanging for so long, but I’m just not in the mood for CIA-type stuff – even if Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi are in it. I’ll try to forcefeed it to myself this weekend, because I don’t want this to be like Damo, where I’ve finished MARS and loved it so much that the thing directly after it just can’t hold up. I kinda miss both of those amazing individuals aforementioned, too…


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