Take Care of the Young Lady

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Cast: Yoon Eun Hye | Yoon Sang Hyun | Jung Il Woo | Moon Chae Won

Also known as: 아기씨를 부탁해 (Korean title), Lady Castle, My Fair Lady

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Kang Hye Na (YEH) is the rich young heiress of the Kangsan Group and beloved granddaughter of President Kang. She’s known for being spoiled, ill-tempered, and for constantly firing the butlers that her grandfather hires to watch over her. Seo Dong Chan (Yoon Sang Hyun) used to work at a host club and struggles both with debt and trying to outrun the bad rep chasing him. He lives with his mother’s friend and her daughter, Yeo Eui Joo (Moon Chae Won). He  treasures them as though they were related to him by blood, but Eui Joo has a one-sided crush on him. While hiding from gangsters who want their loan back, he accidentally meets President Kang. Dong Chan suddenly finds himself hired as Hye Na’s new butler.  She tries everything she can to get rid of him, but Dong Chan isn’t moved at all. After knocking down every suitor, Hye Na finds herself knocked down by the suave Attorney Lee Tae Yoon (Jung Il Woo), who hates the spoiled princess type of woman the most. Dong Chan gives her lessons on how to win Tae Yoon’s heart while finding that he himself is being won over by Hye Na.

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My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Cast: Lee Seung Gi | Shin Min Ah | No Min Woo | Park Su Jin

 Cha Dae Woong (Lee Seung Gi) is a student at an action school, raised by his wealthy grandfather and aunt. While his grandfather would like nothing more than for Dae Woong to marry quickly and give him grandchildren, Dae Woong himself only wants to play! His life changes forever when he visits a shrine and sees a painting of a gumiho (nine-tailed fox), whom a monk tells him was imprisoned there by the Three-god Grandmother. Suddenly there is a thunderstorm, and Dae Woong’s phone runs out of battery. Yet he is startled when a mysterious voice talks to him and tells him to draw nine tails on the fox in the painting. She tells him that she’s the gumiho in the painting, and was released thanks to him! Before he leaves the temple’s grounds, Dae Woong injures himself badly. Sensing his impending doom and wanting to repay him for her freedom, Mi Ho gives him her fox bead, which will keep him alive. He tries to get rid of her, but Mi Ho follows him all the way to Seoul. What will Dae Woong do with a 500-year-old myth following him around and always begging for meat?!

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Marry Me, Mary!

Cast: Jang Geun Suk | Moon Geun Young | Kim Jae Wook |Kim Hyo Jin

Wi Mae Ri (Moon Geun Young) is a young woman living with her widowed father. The two of them spend their time running away from loan sharks, and Mae Ri has even given up university in order to find a job and help her father.  Mae Ri accidentally hits the beautiful indie musician, Kang Moo Kyul (Jang Geun Suk). Meanwhile, an old family friend returns to Korea from Japan and wants to betroth his son, Byun Jung In (Kim Jae Wook) to Mae Ri! Moo Kyul’s ex-girlfriend Seo Joon (Kim Hyo Jin) shows up and becomes the lead actress in Jung In’s drama, but will only be his friend if Mu Kyul is single!

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Secret Garden

Cast: Hyun Bin | Ha Ji Won |Yoon Sang Hyun | Kim Sa Rang

Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin) is the CEO of LOEL Department store and lives a life in want of nothing. To him, everyone else is just that – nothing. His older cousin, Choi Woo Young, is a Hallyu star known as Oska. When Joo Won is asked to pick up an actress for fear of her making a scandal, he makes a mistake and picks up her stunt double Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won) instead. Ra Im is a hardcore Oska fan, but is unaware that he and Joo Won are related. Ra Im wins a romantic getaway with Oska in Jejudo, the location of the music video Oska’s old flame Yoon Seul (Kim Sa Rang) is directing. The cousins and Ra Im make a bet and have a bike race. Ra Im gets lost, and Joo Won goes looking for her. They stumble into a strange restaurant and are given medicinal alcohol that causes them to switch bodies!

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Sunkyunkwan Scandal

Cast: Park Min Young | Micky Yoochun | Song Joong Ki | Yoo Ah In

Kim Yoon Hee  (Park Min Young) is a daughter of the Joseon era who is used to dressing up as a man. Her father is dead and her sick younger brother is unable to work, so who else will support the family? She works as a scribe who makes study guides for students, and is even paid to take tests in their place. But when she mistakes the Left State Minister’s uptight son, Lee Sun Joon (Yoochun) for the person she’s supposed to help cheat, she forms an unlikely friendship with him and enters the prestigious Sungkyunkwan University under her brother’s name. She and Lee Sun Joon share a room with the rebellious upperclassman Moon Jae Shin (Yoo Ah In), nicknamed “Crazy Horse.” She also meets the fashionable playboy Goo Yong Ha (Song Joongki). The four form an unlikely bond, but will the knowledge that she’s a girl ruin everything for them?

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Ja Myung Go [audio review]

First time doing this! I hate my recorded voice, but I was too lazy to type it all out. As it turns out, you’ll probably need to turn up your volume.

The countries involved are Naklang (Lahee’s and Ja Myung’s people) and Gorguyeo (Hodong’s people)


  • Jung Ryu Won: Princess Ja Myung / Puku
  • Park Min Young: Princess La Hee (Ja Myung’s older sister)
  • Jung Kyung Ho: Prince Hodong
  • Moon Sung Geun: King Daemusin (Hodong’s father, King of Gorguryeo)
  • Kim Sung Ryung: Mo Ha So (Ja Myung’s mother, 1st queen of Naklang)
  • Hong Yo Seob: Chae Ri (Ja Myung & La Hee’s father)
  • Lee Mi Sook: Wang Ja Shil / Lady Hae (La Hee’s mother, 2nd queen of Naklang)
  • Lee Joo Hyun: Wang Hol (General, La Hee’s uncle)
  • Yeo Wook Hwan: Il Poom/Hengkai (Puku’s “older brother”)
  • Park Hyo Joo: Chi So (servant of the 2nd queen of Naklang)
  • Sung Hyun Ah:  Song Maesolsoo (1st queen of Gorguyeo, wife of Daemushin)
  • Kim Ga Yun: Princess Yeo Rang (Hodong’s aunt, younger sister of Daemushin)
  • Lee Han Wie: General Woonaru (wife of Yeo Rang, brother-in-law of Daemushin)
  • Ji Sung Won: Dong Go Bi (Servant of the 1st queen of Naklang/Il Poom’s aunt)
  • Go Soo Hee: Mo Young Hae (Wang Hol’s wife/previous wife of Wang Geng)
  • Jo Mi Ryung: Mi Chu (Mistress of children’s troupe)
  • Kang Ye Sol: So So (a member of the troupe, likes Hengkai)
  • Lee Won Jong: Cha Cha Song (Master of the troup,e Mi Chu’s husband)
  • Na Han Il: Wang Geng (Older brother of Ja Shil & Hol)
  • Kim Hak Chul: Boo Dal (Wang Geng’s soldier)
  • Lee Young Bum: Eul Doo Ji (Hodong’s mentor)

Rating: 3.5/5

He Who Can’t Get Married

Since childhood, I’ve been alone. I had my own way of doing things and didn’t experience things like loneliness. – Joo Jae Hee


Starring: Ji Jin Hee, Uhm Jung Hwa, Kim So Eun, Yoo Ah In, Yang Jung Ah

Joo Jae Hee (Ji Jin Hee) is anarchitect in his 40s who hates people and marriage. Only two people outside of his family are able to put up with his insufferable personality: his colleague Yun Ki Ran (Yang Jung Ah), and Park Hyun Kyu (Yoo Ah In), the intern at his office. When he suddenly falls to the floor of his apartment, his pretty new neighbor Jung Yoo Jin (Kim So Eun) takes him to the hospital. There, he meets the docile Dr. Moon Jung Jang, also 40 and unwed. These 5 people are haphazardly thrown together for a hilarious adventure as quirky as Joo Jae Hee himself!

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1% of Anything

“There’s a 99% chance that it won’t work out. But there’s still that one percent of hope.” –Kim Da-hyun


Starring: Kim Jung Hwa, Kim Dong Won, Han Hye Jin, Lee Byung Wook, Kim Seung Min, Kim Ji Woo

I’ve started adding quotes to the top of my post. From now on, I’ll be choosing the quote that seems to best suit the drama/movie title and what it’s about and put it at the top, and also end the post with a quote that I found profound. Look forward to these from now on! ♥

I’ll be honest with you, and say that I didn’t look at this picture and go, “WOW, hotties! Gotta see this!” No. Instead, because of the obscene amount of time I spend on mysoju.com, I saw this title every time I was looking for a show to watch. I mean, it’s at the top of the alphabetized list. I saw Kim Jung Hwa’s big and bright smile and wondered: “What does 1% of anything mean?” So I looked it up, and found myself drawn into it.

Plus, there is something inherently adorable about thirty-year-old men buying stuffed animals or pouting for a kiss. It’s Zhoumi emoticon-worthy!  :^D And now, for a summary.

The basic story is about a kind young middle school teacher named Da-hyun (Kim Jung-hwa) who helps an old man on the subway. This elderly gentleman turns out to be the rich Chairman of a famous corporation. In his will, he writes that whomever marries Da-hyun inherits his fortune. His grandsons, quick-tempered hotel manager Lee Jae-in (Kang Dong Wan) and the ambitious Min Tae-ha (Lee Byung Wook) compete for the ultimate prize. While Jae-in and Da-hyun form a haphazard relationship, Tae-ha mistakes Da-hyun’s adopted “sister” and best friend Eun-jin (Han Hye Jin) for her, and falls for her…

Something you will hear over and over from people surrounding the star couple is that a marriage can’t survive on love alone. They mean it in the sense that Jae-in’s and Da-hyung’s family backgrounds are incompatible. Jae-in and Da-hyun, however, stress that mutual trust is also a key in making that 1% chance possible.

This drama is rare in that the main family is based on love and kindness, and that there are five couples by the end. While most of the story focuses on the struggle to have a relationship start between Jae-in and Da-hyun, their battle for permission to continue dating, and the all-out war to obtain marriage blessings, it does also focus on the people around the two. And my favorite couple wasn’t even the main couple – it was their rival couple, I guess you could say. I guess I just found Tae-ha to be more attractive.

Anyway, this series is pretty fun and heartwarming at the same time. After a while, it does seem to drag on, though.

Rating: 3/5

“Love isn’t business. It’s about giving, endlessly.” – Lee Jae-in


One extraordinary woman’s quest for love and honour…

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Starring: Ha Ji Won, Kim Min Joon, Lee Seo Jin

Check out my review of the box set on YesAsia, voted best by readers!

Okay, so you’re probably going to laugh at how I heard of Damo, especially since it’s pretty old. SHINee did a reenactment of it, and I had to check it out. Minho made it look epic. Little did I know, this series had more epic than I could handle. Even its soundtrack owns me. If you were to open the dictionary and look up ‘epic’, you should find several pages in alphabetical order, and you would find Damo close to the top. ♥ It also says a lot when I put this series on my Christmas list without even having finished it. That’s how much faith I have in this script. And boy, is it a good one!

The story is set in the Chosun Dynasty, and focuses on Chae-Ok (Ha Ji Won), an undercover detective for the police (also called a damo). She was once the daughter of a noble family, but her father was accused of treason and killed. She and her older brother attempted to escape, but were separated. She was seven at the time. 15 years later, she serves the Left Police Bureau and acts as Police Commander Hwangbo Yoon (Lee Seo Jin)’s sword. The child of a nobleman and a commoner mistress, he took the young girl in and they have never been apart since. However, due to her lowly status as a servant, Chae-Ok is forbidden to love him. Neither is she allowed to give her heart to rebel leader Jang Sung Baek (Kim Min Joon), as he is the enemy she must destroy.

One of the best things about this drama is that it has a heroine instead of a hero. And she is real. There are times when she excels at swordplay, and times when she misjudges. There are times when she seems invincible, and times when she is vulnerable. Ha Ji Won is extraordinary at portraying the intense sorrow and pain of Chae-Ok as she deals with the conflicting emotions of loyalty versus love.

For the first time, I fell in love with both men. Jang Sung Baek is the charismatic rebel leader, the only one who can capture the hearts of the Korean people. He has undying loyalty for his men, and the vision he has to create a new country for the people. Hwangbo Yoon upholds the government and the king. All struggle between love and duty, for they cannot have both.

The ending is sad, but we already knew that it would be from watching our tragic heroine. This series has officially replaced Golden Bride as my favorite drama to date. I think I’ll have to watch more historical dramas after this!

Rating: 5/5 (And is nominated for “Most Likely to be Life-Altering”)