Stand Up!! episode 4 summary


We join Shou-chan again on the floor and talking about how he’s only been hit by his father three times in his life. The first was by accident during a nap together. The 2nd time was in junior high during a race when it seemed like he couldn’t go on. And the third is where we jump in as the whole town tries to get Shou-chan to work at their store. Shou-chan is gonna quit school and he’s gotten Mochizuki-sensei pregnant and word has gotten ’round to his parents!

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Stand Up!! episode 3 summary

He should worry more about what's on the outside.

The episode opens with Shou-chan in an ambulance, listing the things that scare him: his dad, Sadako (from The Ring), and when others get hurt. We see a flashback of when Chie fell off a swing and started bleeding. Kid!Chie tells Kid!Shou-chan that she’s okay but he still cried. Since then, he made a promise that if a woman ever fell in front of him he would try to help her. We see Shou-chan in a hospital running along Mochizuki-sensei, who is unconscious on a stretcher. We are taken back to when the 2nd ep. ended and he rings the doorbell. The door opens, but no one is there. He looks down and sees Mochizuki-sensei collapsed on the floor. He panics and calls for an ambulance. He gets to witness his sister in action and the “reality of a Japanese hospital,” according to her. She then tells Shou-chan to pay for Mochizuki-sensei’s visit, since he was classified as her “family member.”

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Stand Up!! episode 2 summary

Hiding in the girls' bathroom & listening intently

The episode opens with Shou-chan telling us what he does to feel confident, which is think about the things he’s better at than Kenken. According to him there are three:

  1. Shou-chan is kind.
  2. He’s not picky.
  3. Shou-chan knows more about the manga Sangokushi.

Things Kenken beat him at include height, eye size and apparently penis size! This comes up again in later episodes. You all want to see Yamapi  naked, don’t lie! It’s only right after the makeout scene he had in the first episode, right?

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Stand Up!! episode 1 summary

It's mostly about sex, but also about hotties!

DramaWiki | Jdorama | Crunchyroll

As I will not be reviewing everything that I watch, I will start doing summaries for the things that are not reviewed here. These are very spoilery, so it’s best that you avoid them if you don’t want to know what happens.

Cast: Yamapi, Oguri Shun, Ninomiya Kazunari (of Arashi), Narimiya Hiroki, Suzuki Anne

How did I find this? I’m not sure. I either saw a part of it on TV or ran across it in a random Youtube escapade. AND WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT CAST. This was made in 2003, and Oguri Shun has blond hair. It’s labeled as ‘dramedy’, but really you’re mostly getting hilarious shenanigans. Anyway, on to the summary!

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Zettai Kareshi SP

Cast*: Kuninaka Ryoko, Uchida Asahi

*As this is a drama I have previously reviewed, you may view the original post for the original cast. Only new cast members will be posted here.

The pain begins all over again. Oh, the things I do for Mizushima Hiro…who is MARRIED, by the way! To the girl who sings the ending song  for this drama, no less! And she’s my age. WEIRD. Back on task: Night is back! What will this do to the relationship that Soshi painstakingly built with Riiko?

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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Hana Kimi)

Drama Wiki | Wiki

Starring: Horikita Maki, Oguri Shun, Ikuta Toma, Mizushima Hiro, + a million other pretty faces

So. Can you tell what attracted me to this series? No? LOOK HARDER. It almost makes me want to start a school solely for pretty boys.

Anyway, I’ve always had a weakness for “the other man”, or the one that doesn’t get picked. This high school romantic comedy is probably the worst case to date of this, since I was never convinced that the man that was chosen was the man better suited for our female lead. But let us backtrack and summarize.

Ashiya Mizuki (Hokikita Maki) follows her idol, Sano Izumi (Oguri Shun), after seeing him high-jump on TV. She lives in America, and flies to Japan and disguises herself in order to enroll in the same all-boys school: Osaka High. Apparently, this high school only allows pretty boys to become students, though I would seriously contest that on a few of these guys. However, 90% of them fit the bill.

Anyway, her goal is to make Sano jump again. Kink in plans! – she falls in love with him. Go figure. Not only is the guy moody, antisocial, and a grade A bastard, but he has some serious issues facing his problems and ran away from home. Actually, he runs away from practically everything. But, wait! did I mention he was beautiful? Oh, yes.

Mizuki’s classmate Nakatsu Shuichi (Ikuta Toma) falls in love with her, thinking that she’s a boy. 90% of the drama’s hilarity stems from Nakatsu’s questioning of his own sexuality. I do so love things that borderline on shonen-ai! ♥ Sano luckily overhears a conversation and catches on that she’s a girl early on. Whatever.

I’m thankful to this drama for introducing me to Ikuta Toma, but I am angry at the outcome. Nakatsu clearly had to overcome much more (his own misgivings about what it would mean to be gay, society’s view, how his peers would treat him, etc) in order to accept that he had fallen in love with Mizuki. In the end, he is mature enough to realize that love can overcome gender. I LOVE HIM FOR SAYING THAT. ♥♥♥

But the person I perhaps loved more for just a moment is the gay guy interested in Mizushima Hiro’s character, head of Dorm 2: when everyone starts treating Mizuki differently when they discover she’s a girl, he tells them, “SHUT THE HELL UP. You still call yourselves men? If you’ve got something to say, say it face-to-face!” MAJOR WIN. ♥ There are a few guys that are awesome and recognize that she’s still the same person they befriended, even if she’s not a boy.

Anyway, it’s pretty funny even if I hate the end pairing. Nakatsu’s roommate, Kayashima (Yamamoto Yusuke) can see auras and ghosts, and he’s one hell of a funny kid. He always walks around with his hands in the air, “testing” it. LOL. Plus, his smile is too cute. And despite how…odd he is, he still gets a girl in the end. I don’t even know her name ~ just that she always tells people to shut up.

Other guys that I am going to try to keep tabs on: the other track-and-field guy, Sekime (Okada Masaki), Sano’s rival (who also seems to have a slight crush on him) from Toukyou High, Kagurazaka (Shirota Yuu) ~ who apparently is in the live-action Prince of Tennis movie! I’m excited screen-stalk him.

Boys in drag! Overuse of the word “baby!”, more high-jumping shots than you’ll probably see in a lifetime, shirtless boys! A panty-thieving dog! Even if you’re not into boys, Osaka High has a neighboring all-girl’s school called St. Blossoms, pretty much run by the “Hibari Four”. SO. Cute boys AND cute girls! Everyone’s happy! …Except for those of us that really feel that Nakatsu/Mizuki is a more appropriate pairing than Sano/Mizuki.

All in all, two thumbs up!

Rating: 4.5/5

絶対彼氏 (Zettai Kareshi / Absolute Boyfriend)


Starring: Hayami Mokomichi, Mizushima Hiro, Aibu Saki, Ueno, Natsuhi

This show was one that I should have looked up before I started. Instead I, along with the friend who found it, were swayed by the beautiful men on the cover. WHEN will we ever learn?

Izawa Riiko (Aibu Saki) is a temp worker at a company that specializes in something near and dear to my heart: BAKED GOODS OMG. She sucks at love, and has been rejected by all the guys she likes. She comes across a really strange (yet hilarious) man from a company called Kronos Heaven. When she visits, she is asked to take a test describing her ideal lover. She thinks that it’s a dating service, and goes ahead and completes the test. Little does she know, she also accidentally orders a robotic lover customized to her preferences. She gets a 5-day trial, and then must pay 1 million yen. She names him “Night Tenjou”, and at first only sees him as a household appliance, but falls in love with him when she sees how deep his devotion is. Asamoto Soshi (Mizushima Hiro) is Riiko’s incredibly gorgeous (and multi-lingual!) boss, through various events, gains a keen interest in her (because she makes AWESOME desserts, apparently). Of course, he eventually falls in love with her.

The warning sign really should have been this: THIS SERIES IS BASED OFF OF A WORK BY YUU WATASE. Now, I do like some of her work as a manga-ka (Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden, for example), but her tendency is to make a “heroine” that is not only completely inept, but also completely braindead. Riiko is absolutely no exception. Another bad thing about her is that she’s willing to give up her life dream of being a patissier to be with Night.

It’s kinda hard to compete with someone who only has to be repaired, and has superhuman strength and speed. But the incredibly gorgeous Soshi can speak French! That’s sexy. Also, he encourages Riiko to follow her dreams, and go to France to study. It seems like he’s irresponsible, but he actually just doesn’t like the way his older brother runs the company. His idea of pastries are filled with warmth and love without sacrificing taste, just like his grandfather always taught him.

Riiko, being the terrible judge of character that she tends to be, has a best friend named Ito Mika (Ueno Natsuhi). Mika has a very special personality trait: she only likes guys that don’t belong to her (i.e. already have a girlfriend, are engaged/married), or are the object of someone else’s affections. She successfully steals Riiko’s first crush, but drops him once Night is in the picture. She then focuses her attention on stealing Night away. Um, and Riiko still continues being best friends with her. Okay, sure.

The end is a little “sad”, but also realistic. At first, she hides the truth about Night from everyone, but eventually Soshi finds out that his competition is a robot. He invites her to come to France with him, but she’d rather be with Night. Certain events happen that make reverse that choice for her, but it’s all for the best.

The story itself wasn’t bad, but Riiko was just so stupid that it made the show difficult to watch at times. And then Soshi would reappear, and his hotness would make everything all better. If you don’t really care about that too much, and want something a little more light-hearted, go for it. Otherwise, don’t bother.

Rating: 2.5/5