Hello, Schoolgirl

Age is but a number to true love.

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Starring: Yoo Ji Tae, Lee Yeon Hee, Kangin, Chae Jung Ahn

This is the story of the unconventional romance of two couples that have age gaps between partners. Yunwoo (Yoo Ji Tae) is a low-level civil servant working at a district office at 30; he is awkward and always does the right thing. He gets a new apartment, and constantly runs into Sooyoung (Lee Yeon Hee), the spunky high-school girl who lives below him. Yunwoo is shy and uncertain, but Sooyoung is upfront about the feelings she develops for him. Meanwhile, his fresh-out-of-high-school co-worker Sook (Kangin) meets an older woman named Hakyung (Chae Jung Ahn) and is instantly attracted to her. This is the heartwarming tale about following your own happiness, no matter what society says.

I do not have the reservations that society seems to have about age, and I have long felt that the younger man – older woman pair needed to get more attention. With A Frozen Flower breaking social barriers left and right, it’s a good year for a movie that tackles love with an age difference. The star pair has a 12 year difference (though the difference between the actors themselves is 14), while Kangin’s character is 7 years younger than his on-screen love interest.

Chae Jung Ahn also starred in Coffee Prince as Han Yoo Joo, and she’s just as meloncholy in this movie as she was in the drama. It was interesting seeing her gloominess matched with Kangin’s boyish charm. She’s beautiful and a good actress, but a lot of her characters are emotionally dead, or clinging to a boyfriend past. I’d like to see her in a completely different role for a change. Kangin’s role didn’t really seem like acting…more like a direct copy of his public personality. I think I’d like to see him branch out, too.

The star couple however, was fantastic! I love how Lee Yeon Hee’s characters always seem to be pretty in an unassuming way, yet unexpectedly bold. In this movie, it was she who initiated the relationship. Yoo Ji Tae plays his saintly and lovable character really well. I loved the idea that even though he was the older one of the two, Yunwoo is the more naive in the relationship. He is hesitant and soft-spoken. Sooyoung even challenges him with, “Are you going to be good your entire life?”

The only kissing in this movie is via flashback and by Kangin. Although disappointing, it was interesting how the story managed to be so pure in its romance. I still wished that Sooyoung would be the one to kiss Yunwoo! Also, I have a vendetta against open endings and am trying to be more accepting of them. In this case, I was placated with the line, “I’m not giving up on us.” Good, so that means that Yunwoo will still pursue Sooyoung.

Rating: 3/5

I’m still not sold on Kangin’s acting as a main character, though. What do you guys think?



2 thoughts on “Hello, Schoolgirl

  1. :D SO! Finally I got a chance to see this and had to read your review … I quite enjoyed the movie ^__^. It was really sweet, especially the main couple. I remember that muish (on yt) left a comment where she said she read the manga before and that Kangin in real life was very similar to the character he played in the movie, haha, so maybe he didn’t have to do too much acting at all XD. He was pretty good imo, although I am pretty biased :D!

    Hmmm I think I’m going to scroll back through your other reviews now, I’m always looking for something new to watch! Thanks!

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