Heaven’s Postman Preview

{EDIT: Extended preview! Jaejoong speaks too quietly…SADFACE. }

Starring: Jaejoong, Han Hyo Joo

According to my sources (1, 2) , this is not your average drama. Why? Because Hero & Hyo Joo are only appearing in the first episode.  There are 7 full episodes with different stories.  There will be a  TV version and a movie version, which will be 60 minutes and 120 minutes long respectively according to the post in link #2.

I haven’t seen anything with either of them in it, but I know Hyo Joo is an amazing actress. You can tell from that short clip~! But Jae…well, I hope that his whole character isn’t just being a brick wall. I so want him to do well, but I know that not all stars are blessed with the ability to act (see my thoughts on Kangin in Hello Schoolgirl). 

There’s no news on when this is to be released. In any case, I’ll probably be too busy watching IRIS on TV. This looks exciting! Can’t wait for the movie version! For those of you that have seen Jae in other things, how was he? What do you think this will be like?


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