Best of 2008

Goodbye Year of the Earth Rat, hello year of of the Earth Ox! This year marks the last year that party glasses like these can be worn. Next year will be 2010, and I can’t see how that would look good on anyone’s face. Anyway, as is the custom with this celebration, we typically reflect on the year that has ended and make resolutions for the year we have just embraced. L2O would like to make a list of the Bests and Worsts of 2008.



  • Best Drama: Damo
  • Best Actress: Ha Ji Won
  • Best Actor: Kim Min Joon
  • Most Beautiful Female: Choi Yeo Jin (Golden Bride)
  • Most Delicious Male: Kim Min Joon (Damo) | Lee Jun Ki (My Girl)
  • Best Couple: Lee Young Ah/Song Chang Ui (Golden Bride)
  • Best OST: Damo


  • Best Drama: Hana Kimi
  • Best Actress: Horikita Maki (Hana Kimi)
  • Best Actor: Ikuta Toma (Hana Kimi)
  • Most Beautiful Female: Ueno Natsuhi (Zettai Kareshi)
  • Most Delicious Male: Mizushima Hiro
  • Best Couple: Horikita Maki/Ikuta Toma (Hana Kimi)
  • Best OST: Hana Kimi [Best closing song: Zettai Kareshi]


  • Best Drama: Fated to Love You
  • Best Actress: Chen Qiao En
  • Best Actor: Ethan Ruan
  • Most Beautiful Female: Joyce Zhao (Frog Prince)
  • Most Delicious Male: Gino (Smiling Pasta)
  • Best Couple: Chen Qiao En/Ethan Ruan (Fated to Love You)
  • Best OST: Smiling Pasta


Worst Drama:

  • Zettai Kareshi (Japanese)
  • Goong (Korean)

Worst Couple:

  • Horikita Maki/Oguri Shun (Hana Kimi) – Japanese
  • Heechul/Geum Bo Ra (Bad Family) – Korean

Biggest Prick:

  • Joo Ji Hoon (Goong) – Korean
  • Xin Yi’s ex-boyfriend (Fated to Love You) – Taiwanese
  • Riiko’s co-worker (Zettai Kareshi) – Japanese

Bitchiest Bitch:

  • Ueno Natshuhi (Zettai Kareshi) – Japanese
  • Joyce Zhao (Frog Prince) – Taiwanese
  • Chae Jung Ahn (Coffee Prince) – Korean

Biggest Creeper:

  • Yoo Ha Joon (One Fine Day) – Korean
  • Sasaki Kuranosuke (Zettai Kareshi) – Japanese

That about wraps it up! If you have any more suggestions for categories to appear next year, or want to share your favorites this year, please comment!