Boys Before Everything Else?

This section will be updated every Tues or Thurs of the week. It depends on when the latest BOF episodes come out. (;

Boys Before Flowers [awaiting episode 9] ~ Honestly, I still haven’t figured out why I like this show. It must be Kimbum’s gorgeous smile, all the sparkly time Hyunjoong gets, and Minho’s ridiculous (yet somehow sexy) hair. It could also be because I have a crush on like…the entire cast. Jun Pyo’s noona = HAWT. And I am totally rooting for Ee Jung/Ga Eul, since I know that the Ji Hoo/Jan Di team is a losing one. Pretty Boy Power has nicknamed this show “Boys Before Social Life” (among other things), which is kinda true. You know those people that said, “Can’t talk, reading [insert Harry Potter/Twilight book here]?” Yeah, that’s me with this series.

1% of Anything [completed]

Marmalade Boy (Taiwanese) [dropped] ~ I was really excited to find this, since I have the complete manga series and enjoyed it. It seems to follow the manga pretty exactly. I didn’t mind so much that it was made in 2002, but the acting of one of the main characters was so awful, I couldn’t continue.

MARS (Taiwanese) [finished episode 4] ~ Also nearly identical to its manga counterpart, the cast in this one is fabulous. I’m excited to finish it! I already downloaded the opening song…


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