December 30

  • Damo: [Finished]
  • 1% of Anything: [Episode 18, part 1]
  • Time Between a Dog and a Wolf: Hiatus

Potential Next Series

Brown Sugar Macchiato (Twdrama)

CHANGE (Jdrama)

Kingdom of the Winds, Iljimae, Yi San (Kdrama)

As always, feel free to make suggestions! ♥


2 thoughts on “December 30

  1. hi ^^ i just found your blog kind of randomly and i think i might have to watch Damo now. (i saw the shinee version too xD)
    seeing them on your list, i just have to say that 1% of anything and time btwn dog&wolf were both dramas that i had to quit in the middle bc i couldn’t take it anymore. so it will be interesting to read a summary as i still dont know how they end lol
    i recommend “delightful girl choon hyang” and “fantasy couple” (aka “couple or trouble”).
    if you havent seen them yet you really should, theyre a couple of my absolute favorites. (and i’ve seen like five billion kdramas. sadly.)

    • Hi there, swtsrwlove!

      One thing I decided when I first got into dramas was to stick it out, because maybe things will turn out differently than you had first expected. Even if they are as terrible as you dreaded they would be, it forces you to find some redeeming quality about that series. I really like the quite quirkiness that Yoon Eun Hye has, and thought it was nice to see her serious in Goong, even if the series itself gave me a headache. And Zettai Kareshi, despite suffering from all manner of shoujo manga cliche and a heroine without half a brain, boasted the beautiful (and multi-lingual!), talented Mizushima Hiro!

      I always love suggestions! :D I will go check those out! Thanks for visiting this little blog. I do hope you come back when I finish 1% and TBADW and write about them! ~ ^o^/

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