Post-Spring Break Updates

I did manage to watch some movies, but reviews will have to wait until I have a paper to put off or something. But definitely not when I should be filling out my app to study in Korea next semester. :^D

Movies: I’m a Cyborg, but that’s Okay; Antique Bakery

Koizora (J): UM. I loved this movie. I don’t think I can bring myself to watch the drama, though. Maybe much later. Haruma Miura is much too beautiful and too good at the role of Hiro. Nevermind that Japan jumped on the bandwagon hellbent on making me a pedo (He born in 1990! WUT). It was really sad, though. Like I said, Haruma is someone I need to keep my eye on.

Boys Before Flowers ~ [currently downloading episode 20]: I actually like Jaekyung, so whatever. I’m sure they’ll probably have the drama end similar to the manga. Which is a shame, since I like Jaekyung x Jun Pyo a whole lot. She almost makes him…bearable? The love triangle/square/rectangle needs to be over. And F3 needs to stop being emo. It’s affecting my Soeulmates! And if they go…um, why am I still watching this? GET IT TOGETHER, YI JEONG.

MARS ~ [episode 17]: Haha, SO CLOSE. I am fail, I know. Ling saves the day…using a motorcycle! Meanwhile, the almost-Mrs. Chen rethinks her plea to allow him to ride again. And Tongdao remains deliciously insane. But mostly delicious.


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