Rating System

So, you want to know what things mean when I rate them? You’re in the right place. Each rating means something different to me, so it might differ slightly from your perception of that number.

I typically rate things from 2 – 5. Why skip 1? Because to me, 1 assumes that it was so bad that I really don’t know why I finished it. If it really was that bad, I would have dropped the series.

  • 2: Worst rating. This number is assigned to something that had good moments, but those were just overshadowed by all the bad moments. There also may have been one or more characters (probably major) that I did not like. I probably didn’t like the plot very much, either. I would not watch things in this category again.
  • 2.5: Slightly better than the above. These are the things I felt like could have been so much better if only certain characters or situations did not play out the way they did. I might re-watch a scene or two of something with this rating.
  • 3: This is the middle ground. There were good things and bad things, and was all-around decent. Nothing exciting, but nothing terrible. There is probably at least one episode I would watch again.
  • 3.5: These are usually the things that were pretty good, and that I enjoyed a lot, but fell flat toward the end. Or maybe the final episode itself didn’t satisfy me, but the series as a whole was enjoyable. These are probably things I tell people to go check out on their own. I would lend it to them if I had it on hand, or watch with a group of friends.
  • 4: This is the rating I give when I really liked a series. I liked the characters, the plot, and the ending. This is usually where I start recommending things to people. I would probably prefer watching this in a group no larger than four.
  • 4.5: This is something I really liked. I really cared about the plot and characters, even if I was unhappy about something (ending, pairing, etc). I highly recommend anything with this rating, and would watch it with up to two friends.
  • 5: This is a rating you will rarely see. These are the things that really touched a nerve in me, and could even be considered life-altering. Things with this rating usually touch on intellectual issues a lot more than is typical for dramas. These are ones where reality comes as a jolt after it’s over. This is something that I would want you to watch after reading the review, pretty much. I probably own something in this category, and have watched it several times. I probably have the soundtrack, too. I would lend these out to very special people only, and would probably watch it with only one other person. Exception: If it’s a group who have already seen it, and really liked it. (: