About Me:
1. Favorite Kpop artists?
(13+Zhoumi & Henry~♥),  and . Of course, I could list all the fandoms that apply to me, but that’d be a lot. Those are my top two. ^^

2. Who are your favorite actors/actresses?

  • KoreanSong Chang Ui |Lee Yeon Hee. 
  • Japanese Toyokawa Etsushi, Narimiya Hiroki | Aragaki  Yui. 
  • ChineseMing Dao | Chen Qiao En.

3. Are there actors/actresses you can’t stand? Two words: RAINIE YANG. I hate her voice, and whenever I see her act, I’m not convinced. No, I take that back: I’m convinced that I need to punch her in the face.

4. Are you Asian? I’m half-Filipino…with minimal traces of Chinese blood, both on my father’s side. You decide if that counts.

5. Why Love Like Oxygen? It’s easy for me to get obsessed with things. Once I get hooked, that fandom becomes like a drug to me, thus like my oxygen. And yes, I’m also a Shawol. I heard SHINee’s song and thought that the title was perfect for my Asian obsession. :]


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