Stand Up!! episode 4 summary


We join Shou-chan again on the floor and talking about how he’s only been hit by his father three times in his life. The first was by accident during a nap together. The 2nd time was in junior high during a race when it seemed like he couldn’t go on. And the third is where we jump in as the whole town tries to get Shou-chan to work at their store. Shou-chan is gonna quit school and he’s gotten Mochizuki-sensei pregnant and word has gotten ’round to his parents!

Fortunately these are all rumours spread by Kimura-sensei. He happened to chance across Mochizuki-sensei’s reply to Shou-chan’s confession, where she tells  Shou-chan to not quit school because of her. Just when it seems like he’s been rejected an email from Sensei arrives, inviting Shou-chan to go out! Chie starts acting out of it and Yuriko notices. As they share a room and are both women they naturally become confidantes. Chie implies that she likes Shou-chan but Yuriko falls asleep in the middle of Chie voicing her doubts about being able to support Shou-chan’s love.

She goes on a “practice date” with the boys as they’re all curious what Shou-chan has planned. Meanwhile, Mochizuki-sensei has decided to become a serious teacher. Good to know she wasn’t taking anything seriously. (Please excuse the sarcasm. As I plan to be a teacher, her attitude was disgusting to me. It’s not a job, it’s a calling.) Back at the Asai household we get to see a horrifying yet hilarious image of Shou-chan’s parents when they were younger. One of the many running gags is Mr. Asai trying to score with his wife and getting burned each time. XD

Now with added shoujo bubbles!

As usual, Kou-kun (the most “normal” of the group) has to put up with Udayan and Kenken being silly during Shou-chan’s pseudo-date. Who should show up but our favorite DILF love celeb, Kume Naoya + new girlfriend and a new nickname for our quartet: DB4. He misunderstands the situation and thinks that Chie is Shou-chan’s girlfriend and whispers a line in his ear. I’m totally going to use it. The boys have moved to a park to practice said line on statues, while Shou-chan practices on Chie.

Upgrade practice model from pillow to statue!

But his dad has other plans for Shou-chan and asks him to help him run for neighbourhood council president (an attempt to impress his wife with his leadership).  To get out of it, Shou-chan lies about having a test and is able to slip off to meet Sensei…with his friends watching them from afar. As they track him it seems that Mochizuki-sensei isn’t taking the date seriously; she’s only dragging Shou-chan around while she runs errands! When they finally settle at the cafe Shou-chan chose and Sensei confesses that she’s gonna forget the ex in L.A. and start anew.

Back at the restaurant, Terumi & her friends are bored out of their minds. Luckily for Ellen (played by Becky, who is Japanese & British!), excitement comes in the form of catching Sonoko with another man. Kenken is immediately called and the boys run off, leaving Chie to spy alone. Unluckily, the neighbourhood council president (aka Kou-kun’s dad) happens to catch Shou-chan on his date and a meeting is immediately held. Shou-chan’s parents find out that he lied, but Sensei tries to cover for him by saying it was her fault. She answers Shou-chan’s confession with: “You’re just a student.”

Meanwhile DB3 meet up with Michi and Ellen (Terumi’s friends) and catch Sonoko and her other man coming out of a restaurant. She stops when she sees Kenken.

Back at the Asai house, Shou-chan goes back to his room to mope about the rejection. Chie has chased after Sensei and stops  her to talk.

Switch to Kenken, who is getting verbally lashed by Sonoko for his silence. She tells him that it’s times like this when she hates him the most. She says that the new guy – her tutor – is a real man and she’s glad he was her first. Kenken interrupts her and asks, “Can’t you see it my way? My take on love. When I don’t do anything to you, that’s my way of loving you. If you can’t see it that way, then the one at fault isn’t me. It’s you.” Before Sonoko can respond, he leaves, much to Ellen’s delight.

He later confesses to the others that he knew something was up. He tries to tell them that he’s okay, but Udayan won’t hear it. He says that he’s watched Kenken constantly look at his cell, waiting for Sonoko’s call. Kou-kun pipes up that quickly hiding his true feelings has always been Kenken’s bad habit. He admits that when he first saw Sonoko and her new man he thought, “Shit. I might really love her,” but wasn’t able to tell her that.

Chie returns to the house and enters the room she and Yuriko share in a daze. Yuriko says that it’s good Sensei rejected Shou-chan, because now’s her chance! Chie is shocked that Yuriko knows of her feelings. Yuriko says that Chie and Shou-chan can’t be friends and that she needs to be aggressive from now on. Chie visits Shou-chan in his room and he calls himself a loser, berating himself for getting excited, blah blah emo scene. Chie then tells him what happened when she ran after Sensei.

We then see Chie telling Sensei that confessing and dating are a big deal to teenagers. [AS THOUGH THEY’RE NOT TO ADULTS.] She says that Shou-chan truly cares for Sensei. She replies that she cares for him too, and that he’s the reason she realized she was being irresponsible. She wanted to reply to his feelings by being a proper teacher, because that’s all she can do. She says that Shou-chan is just a student: her most important, favorite, and very first student.

Back to Kenken, we see him making pot stickers with his mom. She reassures him that breaking up with Sonoko isn’t the end of the world and he’ll get another girl in no time. At the pharmacy, Mr. Asai sees Shou-chan and tells him to stay home, but he hestitates. Swap to Kenken, who asks if it’s a bad thing for them to fall in love. His mother tells him that it changes you and the people involved drastically change each other’s lives. This influence is what parents fear. Meanwhile, Shou-chan admits to his father that he’s in love with Mochizuki-sensei. His father says that it’s just temporary.

Chie and Mrs. Asai are now outside and Shou-chan says that what’s important is that he likes Sensei now. Mr. Asai asks if he can support her and Shou-chan says that he’ll quit school and start working to make her happy. His father tells him that if he leaves now, he can’t come back home again. Mrs. Asai tries to stop him, but is stopped by her husband. Chie tries to stop Shou-chan, but he pushes her aside. The episode ends with him walking away.


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