Stand Up!! episode 3 summary

He should worry more about what's on the outside.

The episode opens with Shou-chan in an ambulance, listing the things that scare him: his dad, Sadako (from The Ring), and when others get hurt. We see a flashback of when Chie fell off a swing and started bleeding. Kid!Chie tells Kid!Shou-chan that she’s okay but he still cried. Since then, he made a promise that if a woman ever fell in front of him he would try to help her. We see Shou-chan in a hospital running along Mochizuki-sensei, who is unconscious on a stretcher. We are taken back to when the 2nd ep. ended and he rings the doorbell. The door opens, but no one is there. He looks down and sees Mochizuki-sensei collapsed on the floor. He panics and calls for an ambulance. He gets to witness his sister in action and the “reality of a Japanese hospital,” according to her. She then tells Shou-chan to pay for Mochizuki-sensei’s visit, since he was classified as her “family member.”

Shou-chan catches her cold but seems to be happy that it was hers. Kou-kun scolds him for overreacting, but Shou-chan quiets everyone by saying that he just wanted to confess. Meanwhile Chie is trying on a swimsuit that she bought. Shou-chan’s mom tells her it looks cute and suggests to ditch the glasses and get contacts. She lies about getting in contact with her parents and says she wants to make good memories with everyone before leaving. The boys are now planning how to trick their parents. Kenken suggests staying behind in Tokyo while the parents go on the trip.

Chie enters with suama (which they are ALWAYS EATING!) and the four pretend that they’re gonna have fun. When she leaves, they tell Shou-chan to keep the new plan a secret from her. Kenken mentions that he has invited a new girl to replace Chie. The boys fool their parents by presenting tickets for a different time and promise to meet them later. Shou-chan is called and informed of the plan, but realizes that his parents put him on the bus while he was asleep. At least his cold seems better!

Tanaka-kun reappears with dyed hair and a car, courtesy of his older woman. Shou-chan is forced into the events planned by his father and the neighbourhood council while the boys back in Tokyo want to prepare before meeting the girls. Back at the beach, Mochizuki-sensei shows up! They steal off alone and she thanks him for helping her and they share a bit of a moment when she touches his face. In Tokyo we are shown how each boy prepares to lose his virginity. Udayan declares that his virginity belongs to only Saori (the girl chosen for him) but the camera pans out just when he says that he doesn’t have any attractive boxers. Udayan tends to dress like he is consistently violated by the 70’s every morning, but gratuitous skin should never be questioned!

Kenken is also seen talking to his phone, where a picture of Sonoko smiles back at him. He says words that would weaken knees and wet panties of Yamapi fans everywhere. He busies himself with preparing the sacred space and then reads up on enjoying a sexlife properly. Switch to Kou-kun who is acting as though he’s in a soccer game. Just as he’s pumped up, Naoya appears with a throng of followers appropriate for a love celebrity. He calls out Kou-kun’s virginity in front of all the girls; after some embarrassment he realizes that he can ask the master for some advice which he takes back to the others.

  1. Erogenous Zone. Search and casually touch. [There is demonstration & Oguri makes some of the most hilarious noises]
  2. The most important part: the kiss. It should be long and slow, as though it’s melting. [Again demonstrated on Shun and my yaoi mind died of happy]. “It starts with a kiss and ends with a kiss.”

During the info relay Udayan had been practicing with a pillow. Since everyone wants to violate Kou-kun in this episode, Udayan decides it’d be better to practice on him. While they mess around, Kenken gets a call from Sonoko. At the beach, Shou-chan is getting ready for his confession. Just as he’s about to say it, Mochizuki-sensei tells him that her ex was also a student and she’s over dating students. Chie approaches later and is about to tell Shou-chan that she’s going home when he reveals that he got rejected. She pushes him to make an actual confession since it doesn’t count until he does.

The 3 that stayed behind meet up with Sonoko, who tells them that the girls canceled. Udayan freaks out and tries to pick up girls on the street, who pretend that Narimiya isn’t a sex god. [Look him up! NSFW/giddy fangirls]. Kenken asks Sonoko to come over to his place, but she starts acting suspiciously and leaves after saying she’d call him later. Terumi swings by with her friends who have crushes on the boys, and they think maybe it’s not so bad after all. Back to Shou-chan, we see him send a confession via email just before he’s called for a group photo.

Chie asks where the rest of the boys are and is told privately that they aren’t coming. She repeats this too loudly in her shock and everyone wants to know why. Pan back to the love hotel where Terumi’s friends Ellen and Michi are with Kenken and Kou-kun. Kou-kun likes Ellen, but Michi likes Kou-kun. Ellen’s type is Kenken. Udayan is out with Terumi still explaining his insanity club. They see the nurse aide Sasaki strolling around and hide. She wasn’t invited to the beach and it could spell trouble if she sees Udayan. While in hiding, Terumi suggests sex to Udayan. The kids at the love hotel are busted and brought before their parents for scolding. They are most angry about being lied to. During their lecture Terumi rescinds her earlier advances and wonders aloud why she even considered a “loser” like Udayan.

Shou-chan expresses his congratulations and says, “I didn’t know you were back together.” He reveals that Udayan and Terumi dated in 8th grade. Having his past and feelings talked about irritates Udayan, who demands why Shou-chan didn’t cover for them. Chie defends him by saying it was her fault for getting too surprised. She again brings up the past by saying that Udayan always jumps on Shou-chan when things go wrong. Udayan snaps and directs his anger at Chie. He calls her an outsider and says that she knows nothing about how the boys really are. She apologizes for making him mad and explains that she was hoping to make good memories with everyone. She then announces that she’s going home.

Shou-chan asks if she’s okay, and she nods and waves. We see the same flashback as before when she fell off the swing and assured him that she was all right, despite having blood on her head. He remembered that she always acted like she was okay even when she wasn’t. The others have the same flashback as Shou-chan and realize that Chie really isn’t okay and begin to wish they went to the beach with her. Udayan proposes to try one more time to take her to the beach.

Shou-chan wakes up the next morning to find that Chie has already left. He calls the boys and the all run (not just Udayan, although he’s the first to join Shou-chan) to the train station. They are blocked from crossing the railroad, but see her waiting for the train. Shou-chan shouts to her about how her leaving is too sudden and how she’s not okay. He tells her that she needs to talk to them so they know when something’s wrong, and they promise to listen. He invites her to the beach before the train blocks their view of her. They think that she’s left and have a bit of a moment. It turns out that she’s just trying to redeem her ticket and has stayed after all. The boys then allow themselves to collapse in relief and fatigue.

At school, Mochizuki-sensei gets the message Shou-chan sent from the beach.  The childhood quintet are back together, and we begin to see that Chie has feelings for Shou-chan.


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