Stand Up!! episode 2 summary

Hiding in the girls' bathroom & listening intently

The episode opens with Shou-chan telling us what he does to feel confident, which is think about the things he’s better at than Kenken. According to him there are three:

  1. Shou-chan is kind.
  2. He’s not picky.
  3. Shou-chan knows more about the manga Sangokushi.

Things Kenken beat him at include height, eye size and apparently penis size! This comes up again in later episodes. You all want to see Yamapi  naked, don’t lie! It’s only right after the makeout scene he had in the first episode, right?

We are brought back to the situation at hand: Shou-chan’s imminent first kiss with Chie. But his lips make contact with wood when she closes the door halfway. She tells him to wait and asks if he likes her. Shou-chan walks away from the door and thinks about how Kenken boldly kissed his girlfriend at the festival and Chie is forgotten.

We go back to the opening scene and Shou-chan continues his comparison. The one thing he shares with Kenken is that they are both still virgins. We get to see Tanaka-kun again, the guy who screwed his girlfriend in the library. He’ll be a running gag and will constantly appear with a different appearance and different girlfriends. He meets the boys in their traditional hangout in Kenken’s mother’s love hotel. Udayan has to take a cold shower and recite “purity” over and over again to calm down after seeing Tanaka make out with his new woman. Kou-kun informs Tanaka of the Virginity Preservation Club (VPC), and Shou-chan continues to insist he’s not a part of it. Yamapi Kenken helps to explain some of Udayan’s insanity.

Tanaka then offers them advice about where to go to pick up chicks. The place turns out to be where everyone goes to take entrance exams! Sure enough, babes begin bumping into the boys immediately. Each boy makes eyes with his preferred girl and the girls return it. Switch to Chie, who is eating at  home with Shouhei’s parents.  Another running joke is that Shou-chan’s mom puts barley tea and soy sauce in identical pitchers. The only difference is that one has a clockwise pattern, and the other a counterclockwise pattern. Shou-chan’s father mixes them up and ends up dipping his noodles in tea. They ask why Chie isn’t with the boys, and we begin to see that there’s a darker reason to her presence in Tokyo. Her face becomes sad and distant.

Back to the boys, the results are out! Kenken gets into the top class with Sonoko. Kou-kun gets into the application class. Some female classmates begin to whisper about him and when he notices they’re staring he turns on the cool act. He turns around to look at them and runs straight into the door. Ellen Kaga and her friend Kurata (who has a crush on Kou-kun) get into the same class. Shou-chan and Udayan are left at the level where no college would take them. The proctor seems to like making fish jokes, as he calls the top scores “matsu” (highest quality sushi) and the lowest scores “carp.”

While the boys wallow, the infamous group of Amazons that always kick them (usually Udayan is the target) show up. Shou-chan runs out with Udayan left to flee from his worst fear. Shou-chan continues to rush straight into the bathroom. When he gets out his friends are all worried about him, but he assures them that it’s only because he ate too many ice cubes before the test. Udayan spots girls coming down the hall and realizes that they’re in the girls’ bathroom! He shoves everyone into a stall to hide. Enter Sonoko and friend! The friend brings up Kenken and the boys listen intently.

She mentions how they haven’t had sex despite being a couple and asks if they’re ever gonna do it. Sonoko pauses and says, “Well…maybe soon.” The boys all hit Kenken who is pretty happy. Kou-kun and Shouhei congratulate him, but Udayan starts on his usual purity / “You traitor!” thing again. While he hackles Kenken, the Amazons reappear and demand to know what they’re doing in the ladies restroom. They are literally thrown out.

We then see Chie exploring on her own and she sees Kenken in a bookstore and rushes to him. She starts rambling about how it used to be a public bath and childhood memories surrounding it. Clearly uncomfortable, Kenken makes an excuse to leave her. But at the register, he gets series and begins to ask her a question.

We’re then taken to the boys in their favorite restaurant hangout and they’re talking about a trip! Kenken proposes that they all go on an overnight trip together! Terumi, who works at the restaurant is being coddled by the owner for not helping out. She complains that her hips hurt too much because she had a rough night with her partner. Udayan overhears this and has to be snapped back to reality.  Kenken elaborates by saying they should go to a beach. It is then revealed that Kou-kun doesn’t like sleepovers. They went on one in elementary school and he was teased for sleeping with his eyes open. The other three come up with reasons why they don’t want to go. He then reveals the catch.

He wants to go with Sonoko and he’s asked her to bring friends! He reveals the  magazine that he was reading when Chie found him: a guide recommending to go to the beach to have sex for the first time. Using this as bait, Kenken asks again and the answer is HELL YES! Kou-kun asks to turn off the lights when they sleep but Kenken shoots that down by saying he should just wear an eye mask. But a spy has overheard this conversation and another neighbourhood meeting is called to inform the parents of these plans. It isn’t long before Shou-chan’s father and Kou-kun’s father begin to squabble over their respective positions of vice president and president.

At the restaurant again, Sonoko shows up with her galpals…but only three. Kenken tells Shou-chan that there’s one more coming and he fantasizes about what kind of girl she could be.  We see a female silhouette in the shower and Mochizuki-sensei’s face. These fantasies are shattered with when Chie appears and shakes hands with everyone while eating. Shouhei cannot believe his eyes. Udayan tells his match that he’d gladly give up his purity for her and Kou-kun says that the money for the trip can be raised by getting a job together.

We then see Chie with Shou-chan at a shrine. She is happy because she hadn’t gotten the time to reconnect with the others yet. Cheerfully she also mentions that the way he acted the night he tried to kiss her upset her. While she rants about her swimsuit choices, Shou-chan sees Mochizuki-sensei. Chie realizes who she is and Shou-chan leaves in embarrassment after being scolded for skipping lessons.  The scene moves to his room where Shou-chan is obsessively cleaning his floor and ranting about how he’s okay and that Sensei must have been to complicated/mature for him. Chie answers and the camera pans up to show that she had been the one dropping crumbs on the floor that Shouhei was cleaning. Yuriko is about to deliver more snacks but misinterprets the banter between Shou-chan and Chie as sex.

Yuriko goes into the family room and waxes poetic near the window as Shou-chan’s parents wonder what she’s talking about. It is revealed that Shou-chan’s dad has a plan to stop the boys from going to the beach alone. Now alone in his room, Shou-chan receives a message from Mochizuki-sensei apologizing for what she said during the festival. She admitted that she was lonely. We then see Kimura-sensei (Shou-chan’s homeroom teacher) call Mochizuki-sensei to ask to come by but she pretends to be busy. Shou-chan then describes a dream he had where everyone is at the beach. Kenken is driving a train along the naked arm of Sonoko before they take a tumble. Kou-kun is sitting in a towel and bouncing a soccer ball and his girl uses it as a pillow. He shouts, “GOAL!” before going in for a kiss. Udayan is stroking his guitar when his girl stops him and the guitar floats away so that they can gently fall offscreen.

And then Mochizuki-sensei is seen clad only in a towel on Shouhei’s bed. She orders him to  hurry up and join her. He uses formal language and obliges when Chie appears demanding a kiss. We are broken out of dreammode and Kenken and Kou-kun in Domino’s Pizza uniforms are asking Shou-chan what’s wrong. It was only a nightmare, phew! The three have them have taken delivery jobs while Udayan has opted to play guitar on the side of the street. Meanwhile the other boys are busy delivering pizzas. Kenken gives up and gives his deliveries to Shou-chan and drives off.

Shou-chan delivers to a house where love celeb Naoya comes to the door half naked. [Let’s hope the actor’s daughter NEVER sees this!] Since their last meeting, he’s slept with 5 more people and this older (probably married) woman is his 96th! The pizza is forgotten and Shouhei just leaves it at the gate. Meanwhile poor Udayan has only gotten a grandmother to stick around to listen to him and a few measly yen in his bucket. Shou-chan is given a delivery to his highschool and finds Kimura-sensei and the nurse but no Mochizuki-sensei. When he’s packing up to drive away he manages to catch her running with a towel wearing only her bra and shorts. He rushes to watch her jump in the water.

She counts to three and stops when she notices him. Again she stops to tell him the lesson has been postponed. She stops again to say that she did it for him and that she’d be waiting for him next class. She counts one last time and gets off the diving board to get into the water by stairs. While she’s swimming, Shou-chan tells her that he’ll be there. (If you know Japanese well, I’m pretty sure he made a sexual pun: ‘I’ll cum’. I hope I don’t get prOn links for that!) The boys are  now gathered in Shou-chan’s room and Kenken is scolding Shou-chan for not remembering that his makeup lessons coincide with the trip dates and how disappointed Chie will be to not be able to go.

She’s about to deliver snacks when she overhears Shouhei talking about how he doesn’t want to go with her. He states that she’s a good person, but “she’s gotten really plain,” according to Kou-kun. Kenken silences talk about how different Chie looks by asking Shou-chan if he still likes his teacher and would ditch them for her. Chie is still outside the door and leaves. The boys book a hotel they found in a magazine. Shou-chan’s mother approaches Chie and asks her about her parents and it’s revealed that she told the Asais that they were studying abroad. She wants to give them a proper greeting and asks to be informed when they come back. There’s a joke there that I don’t get (“There is no Frankfurt.”) when Chie makes up where her parents are.

Back at Domino’s, Kou-kun points out that there may not be any sense to Shou-chan going on the trip if he’s not interested in Chie. He says it’ll be okay and loads a bunch of pizzas into his scooter. Kou-kun notices how many and immediately recognizes that Kenken has dumped his work on Shou-chan again. While Kenken escapes work, he sees Mochizuki-sensei collapse.

Pan to Udayan, left alone to watch his parents’ shop. He hasn’t made any money and is thinking about stealing it from the shop when he sees a note: “I’m looking forward to going to the beach. We’re going with you!” He takes off to tell the others. Kenken has taken the liberty of bringing Mochizuki-sensei back to her house. The other three have stumbled across the secret plan of their parents to make the trip a neighbourhood thing. They have the same schedule, the same inn, and will be staying the same days as the boys and their hook-ups. Kenken is contacted to be alerted of this emergency, but he’s left his cell in the scooter parked outside.

They set off looking for him on scooter while the sexy ass Udayan follows on foot. He does a lot of running! Kenken has put his sensei in bed and stays with her. He notices pictures on her wall and she asks if the man is handsome. Kenken asks if he’s her boyfriend, but she replies that he isn’t. He asks if she still loves him, and Mochizuki-sensei says that she doesn’t. “Honestly I’ve had many loves, and I’ve had a lot of fun,” she adds.

“A good love instead of many…just one good love would make me happy. Probably for Shou-chan too,” Kenken says. The boys finally see him leaving the house and Shou-chan tries to run away. His bowel stops him, and Kenken is able to explain that nothing happened. He tells Shou-chan that Mochizuki-sensei is lonely and can’t forget about her past love. Her confidence is a lie. Kou-kun can’t take it anymore and jumps on Kenken for pressuring Shou-chan to go on the trip and giving him all the work. Kenken doesn’t want to  hear it and says that Kou-kun’s enthusiasm is overkill and he needs to calm down every once in a while. Udayan stops them from having a fight. During the screaming, Shou-chan takes off.

After Shou-chan’s sister and mother have a talk about being young again, Shou-chan is shown alone in the playground. Chie shows up saying that Kenken told her where to find Shou-chan. She tells him that because he’s kind he can never tell anyone off to their face and that makes everyone worry about him. He tries to say that he’s a horrible person on the inside but Chie says that Kenken understands that. She presents the yogurt drink that they were seen drinking before and says that it’s Kenken’s apology for causing a misunderstanding. Chie says that she’s jealous that the boys were able to grow up together and have that sort of understanding among them.

Chie’s face becomes sad and Shou-chan asks her what’s wrong. She tells him that she decided not to go on the trip and stops his questioning by telling him to take the other yogurt drink to his teacher and to confess to her. He hesitates when she gives him the drink and says, “Stand up!” which he immediately does and heads off. Back at the house, Chie announces that she’s leaving. The episode ends with Shou-chan about to ring the doorbell.


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