Stand Up!! episode 1 summary

It's mostly about sex, but also about hotties!

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As I will not be reviewing everything that I watch, I will start doing summaries for the things that are not reviewed here. These are very spoilery, so it’s best that you avoid them if you don’t want to know what happens.

Cast: Yamapi, Oguri Shun, Ninomiya Kazunari (of Arashi), Narimiya Hiroki, Suzuki Anne

How did I find this? I’m not sure. I either saw a part of it on TV or ran across it in a random Youtube escapade. AND WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT CAST. This was made in 2003, and Oguri Shun has blond hair. It’s labeled as ‘dramedy’, but really you’re mostly getting hilarious shenanigans. Anyway, on to the summary!

Our narrator is Asai Shouhei / Asai-kun or Shou-chan, depending on who’s addressing him [Nino]. He’s a kinda dorky kid and tends to be overly kind. He also has a problem with doing as he’s told and not speaking up about how he really feels. Anyway, he’s known for being the “good boy,” and tells his teacher that he found panties in the library, which causes a commotion. He discovers that he and his three best friends – all complete with distinct personality quirks! – train freak Kenken (Yamapi), soccer star Kou-kun (Oguri Shun), and perverted guitarist Udayan (Narimiya) are the last four virgins in the school!

This also leads to the school cracking down on sexual expression, but that doesn’t stop the boys. Shou-chan wants his first to be his unrequited-love-cum-English teacher, Mochizuki-sensei. But she doesn’t seem to notice his affection. Suddenly and without warning, their childhood friend Oowada Chie (Suzuki) shows up again after moving away in middle school. She used to be the princess that all the boys loved and the girls hated, but she has since become a lot dorkier.

Shou-chan lives above a pharmacy, and his parents invite Chie to stay with them. Meanwhile, the neighbourhood council is taking initiative against the rise in teenage sexual behaviour. Shou-chan’s father is vice president, and the boys all live in the same neighbourhood, so it makes it rather hard for them to score. While Shou-chan deals with having Chie in the house, the other three get caught for spying on girls who had to make up swimming class due to having their periods. They are made to swim laps, but Udayan collapses. So instead, they are told to clean around the pool as punishment.

Meanwhile, the summer festival is coming up and Shou-chan manages to ask Mochizuki-sensei to be his date. To his surprise, she says yes! She has a boyfriend in L.A., but it seems like he can’t make it. The boys call a meeting and gather in their usual outside hangout near the train station. Udayan proposes to form the Virginity Preservation Club and names Shou-chan,  himself, Kenken and Kou-kun as members 01, 02, 03, and 04 respectively. Though he seems to be the only one enthusiastic about saving himself for marriage, and even bans masturbation. To which his friends cry, “That’s impossible!”

Udayan further pushes the boys to abandon girls and attend the festival as a group. The others agree, but Shou-chan keeps quiet about his date with Mochizuki-sensei. Chie is seen staring longingly at a yukata to wear to the festival. Shou-chan’s mother gives Chie a yukata that belonged to Yuriko (Shou-chan’s older sister). She is delighted and accepts.

The neighbourhood is now on extra alert with the coming of the festival. They don’t want their children slipping away in the dark to have sex! Yuriko sees Chie on her way to the festival in the yukata and wearing contacts. She looks super cute, and Yuriko tells her so. She sets off to find Shou-chan.

Meanwhile, the boys are of course together. Udayan is handing out stickers and cell phone charms specially made for the club. Love celebrity/total hottie Kume Naoya  (played by Tsukamoto Takashi, who is married and has a daughter!) shows up to mock them for their ideas.

What's pointless is you fully dressed!

He then runs off, and they discover him with their childhood friend Terumi at the festival. Shou-chan looks at his watch and announces that he needs to leave. He finally admits that he has a date. Just then, Chie shows up and everyone thinks that the date was with her. Udayan further misunderstands, thinking that they have already had sex.

After getting yelled at by Udayan, Shou-chan snaps and shows a rare moment of confidence. He says that Chie isn’t the one that he likes and that he never had sex with her. Pissed off after his speech, he leaves his friends and Chie behind. Having been there for the entire exchange, it’s now Chie’s turn to chew out the remaining three. She is hurt by this new attitude that her childhood friends have taken and calls them “scum” and says “Your’e worse than monkeys!”  before storming off herself.

Kenken in particular notices how much they have upset her and watches as she leaves. Soon it’s nighttime and everyone is having fun except for Chie, who is sitting alone. Kenken shows up with some food and apologizes for being inconsiderate. She immediately takes it and wolfs it down and Kenken can only laugh in astonishment. Just then his girlfriend shows up and misunderstands the situation. She pulls him aside and demands to know who the girl was. Kenken reassures her with, “I love you, Sonoko.” He then offers to take her back to the festival, but Sonoko pushes him against the fence and kisses him.

The scene switches to Shou-chan, who is waiting beneath the lantern for Mochizuki-sensei.

Back to Kenken again, he takes the kiss as getting a green light to finally have sex. He switches his position, this time pushing Sonoko against the fence with a kiss. His hand begins to wander, and she seems to be okay with it. However, they are caught in the act by the neighbourhood watch.

Shou-chan receives a call about the situation but hesitates leaving his post due to his promise. The call ends with an abrupt, “Hurry up!” before he can protest. When he looks up, he sees his beloved teacher with another man. She shoos him away so that she can talk to Shou-chan. He asks whether or not the guy was her boyfriend, but she says that they’re just friends. “So as friends you’re not having sex, right?”  he asks. This question gets him only silence from her. She pulls out a cigarette and asks Shou-chan what she thinks of him. He lists the reasons mentally but before he’s able to say them she replies, “I’m just normal. I fool around and fall in love like normal people.” What sticks with Shou-chan the most is the fooling around bit.

We see him leaving the festival and he comes across Kenken’s mother, who has been notified that her son is in trouble. As the owner of a love hotel, she doesn’t hold the same opinions as the rest of the neighbourhood council. They bump into each other in front of the hotel and she points out that there aren’t any vacancies. “Everyone wants to have sex in the summer,” she sighs. We are then shown how various people are enjoying the festival, with Shou-chan on a swing to think.

We are then shown Chie, back at the house and still in her yukata. She is reading and hears Shou-chan come home. He opens his door and stands in front of his window in the dark to recall his teacher’s words as well as the words of Kenken’s mother. Chie knocks and then opens the door to ask him what’s wrong. Shou-chan’s eyes fall on his porn DVDs, and he throws them across  his bed in anger. He then rants about how he wants to have sex too, but not in the same way that everyone else is. He admits that he doesn’t like giving up his virginity so easily. He wants to give it to someone he loves.

Chie brings up the day that she moved and Shou-chan came to see her off. We go into flashback mode as she describes how he ran to catch her and then waved so hard that his arm could’ve fallen off. [Author’s note: Little Shou-chan was so adorable and I don’t even like kids! XD] Chie shows him a picture she had drawn from memory of that day. She admits that she is having trouble keeping up with her old friends as their focus has completely shifted to sex. She tells Shou-chan that he’s a normal 17-year-old, but hasn’t changed at all since they were little. “Just knowing that makes me glad I came to Tokyo,” she tells him. “I’m glad I got to meet you.” He stammers to tell her that the yukata looks good on her.

The scene switches to Kenken and his mother, who is insincerely apologizing for her son’s “misconduct.” Sonoko’s parents have also been called and her upper-class father announces that he will dissolve the relationship between the children. Kenken apologizes to his mom who is so angry with the other family’s holier-than-thou attitude that she doesn’t even  hear him. Kou-kun and Udayan’s fathers both warn their sons about making the same mistake. Udayan’s father expresses that he thinks he doesn’t need to worry. “It’s not that I can’t! I’m just pure,” he protests. To this, his father knees him in the stomach and Udayan thanks him. [It’s sorta an ongoing prank in the series – there are a lot. Udayan gets kneed by his dad and then says, “ありがとうございます。”/Arigatou gozaimasu]

The Asai family finally realizes that their son is missing. When his father asks where Shou-chan is, his sister also points out that she doesn’t see Chie. Shou-chan’s mother wonders if they’re having sex. We go back to the two in question as Shouhei slowly walks toward Chie, who is still standing in his doorway. He leans forward and closes his eyes as though to kiss her and the episode ends.


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