New sister site!

L20 now has a sister site! Please head over to Asiana DREAM! Here you will find HD screencaps, snarky captions, and much general spazzing. Go look. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.

This humble drama and movie addict would like to admit something. To be honest, I wanted a place where I could write about the dramas and movies I had seen and have people come here and say, “Wow, thanks for the different view!” It’s true that visitors are just the occasional drop of water in a vast desert, but I do this mostly for myself.

I’ve been examining what I want for this blog, and realized that its two intended functions could not exist together. The first would be to reviewing. The second would be more fun: screencapping scenes I liked (complete with mocking captions), posting quotes, and just generally having a ball. I considered moving this blog to Tumblr, but felt that Tumblr didn’t really fit the first aspect as well as the second.

So for  now, this blog is going to have two separate identities: Love Like Oxygen (where you are currently) for reviews, and Asiana DREAM for the more photo-related and nonsensical. I feel like reviews would just get lost among all the anecdotes and photospam, hence why I made them separate. If you follow AD on Tumblr, please do also come here and drop a line! As long as it’s about something Asian, go ahead and post! Or just post to identify yourself and say ‘Hi’. I just want to know that you guys are out there. XD

Anyway, I will probably finish Ja Myung Go soon. But I also happen to be going to DREAM CONCERT on Saturday, so don’t expect a review for a while. I’ll need time to come down from my high. :D

♥ Tacti


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