Takumi-kun: Soshite, Harukaze ni Sasayaite

Warning: contains boys kissing and a “sex” scene

Aka: そして春風にささやいて /And the Spring Breeze Whispers

Starring: Yanagishita Tomo, Kato Keisuke, Takiguchi Yukihiro, Sakaguchi Ryo

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Plot: ♥♥

Tucked away from the rest of Japan is Shidou Gakuen, an all-boys academy. Takumi Hayama (Yanagishita) is a 2nd year who has a phobia of being touched. He discovers that his roommate for this year is the popular and rich Saki Giichi (Kato), aka “Gii”, who makes no secret of his feelings for Takumi. He becomes a target of bullying, as well as the romantic interest of Shidou’s sports king, Nozaki Daisuke (Makita). Nozaki challenges Gii to a marathon: whoever wins gets to have Takumi, and the loser has to give him up.

Acting: ♥♥

It wasn’t spectacular, but Yamagishita was really good at being childlike and jumpy when people touched him. The best would definitely be the movie’s arbitrator, Akaike. He is both best friend to Gii and confidante to Takumi. He plays the role really well. Of course, a lot of people are over-the-top, but that’s to be expected.

Cinematography: ♥♥♥♥

Hey, the acting may have been a bit bland, but that doesn’t mean the movie itself was! The location for Shidou was absolutely gorgeous. And having beautiful boys standing in beautiful places makes it all the better. The style was bright and simplistic, to highlight the innocence and light of young love. Everything was as soft as our protagonist’s lips looked.


This movie has created a new movie category: fluff! This was pretty much drama-free and just focused on Takumi’s mission: “How adorable can I possibly be today?” I cannot believe we’re the same age! He looks so young, and wide-eyed. Anyway, I was disappointed in both kissing and sex scenes, as everything was done too gently. At the end, the movie tries to redeem Takumi’s brother, which I thought was absolutely ridiculous. Otherwise, it was just so cute, I couldn’t hate it.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5


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