Boys Love

Contains homosexual situations and nudity

“This is not a tragedy. This is a story of love…”  -Mamiya Taishin0

Wiki | Yellow Cinema | Crunchyroll

Where to watch: Youtube

Starring: Kotani Yoshikazu,  Saito Takumi, Matsumoto Hiroya

Mamiya Taishin (Kotani) is a reporter who gets the chance to interview popular model Kisaragi Noeru (Saito). Kisaragi is a high school student with a bad attitude and bad habits – the worst of which is bedding a different man every night. A restaurant chat turns into a sexual encounter in the bathroom, and ends up with Mamiya alone and bewildered in his flat. Shortly after, Kisaragi’s modeling agency calls and complains about Mamiya’s arrogant behaviour during the interview, and demands that he make a personal apology. When the two start getting close, Chidori (Matsumoto), a childhood friend of Kisaragi, becomes jealous. Will he threaten the blossoming relationship between model and reporter?

Despite the quote at the top, this movie does have a tragic ending. However, it holds true in that it really is a story of love. Kotani portrays an arrogant reporter with rigid rules. He likes two things: being an amazing reporter, and boxing. However, he cannot swim at all. As an actor, I’d say that he is best at portraying pain through his eyes. While none of the actors in this movie could cry effectively, tears glistening in Kotani’s eyes were enough to speak volumes. Being rather tall, there were often scenes where his back is turned to the camera. I’m amazed at how he can express so much with body language, whether it be the way he stands or staggers away.

Saito seemed more like eye candy than anything else, spending most of the movie nearly or fully naked. His role is that of a high school student who pretends that he doesn’t care about anything when he was actually devastated at a young age. His only way of dealing with his sadness is through art. He is afraid to love again, because he fears that he will lose that person. But once he loves, he holds on tight. His crying scene was painful to watch, and he isn’t suited for very emotional scenes. I think Saito is more suited for more simple characters, as he expresses simple joy very well.

Matsumoto definitely gets the award for being best actor. He plays Chidori as the possessive childhood friend who has feelings for the other boy. He knows Kisaragi inside and out, and has seen him in every stage. His jealousy drives him to madness, and he decides that he won’t tolerate the changes that Mamiya has rendered in Kisaragi. Matsumoto was able to be both pathetic and chilling. The way he expresses love and anger feel very human to me. Of course, I always favour the psychotic ones…

Tragic or not, it’s worth checking out if you’re into the genre.

Rating: 3/5


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