Five Senses of Eros

Warning: Contains content NSFW*

AKA: 오감도

Some of the actors: Lee Siyoung, Uhm Jung Hwa, Kim Dong Wook, Jung Eui-chul

*It’s because this movie is pr0n, but tasteful and society-approved!

You probably should have guessed that I’d stumble upon something like this. Actually, I’ve been meaning to blog about this for DAYS! I think it comes out tomorrow in Korea (July 9th). And boy is this one brimming with stars!

Anyway, the theme of the movie is “eros,” or sexual love. There are several different threads or storylines within this movie, each with (a) different director(s). And, to my delight, one of them features Uhm Jung Hwa in a sexual relationship with another woman! :D In my experience with Asian cinema, gay film is not hard to find if it’s two men snogging each other that you’re after. Lesbian film is different. I have NEVER seen any films that tackle the subject of two Asian women in a relationship. The only one I know of (and is in my queue to watch) is called Spider Lilies, and unfortunately stars Rainie Yang and the gorgeous Isabella Leung. She’s a classy lady, and looks a lot older than she is.

I’m excited because sexuality (i.e. the role sex plays in our relationships) is something that many cultures seem to keep hush-hush. I mean, have you ever walked into a room and asked a couple about their sex life? Most people cannot even say the word ‘penis’ without blushing. So this theme intruigues me! I’m always all over things that may cause a stir. Controversy is the name of my game, people!


*The author and her blog support nakedness. Thus, though warnings will be put up, pictures will never be censored.

Sources: Dramabeans


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