The Art of Seduction

“Seduction isn’t an art – it’s a science.” – Min Joon

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Starring: Son Yeh Jin, Song Il Gook

If the quote above the picture is the very first line in the movie, why didn’t you name it The Science of Seduction? Anyway, it seemed like an interesting concept, so I decided to check it out. I was very pleased to find Hyun Young in it as well. She was the chick that chased after Dal Gun in Bad Family, and she’s got a very recognizable sort of squeaky voice. Not to mention that her round face gives her a bit of a look. In any case, she’s hilarious. She was ditzy in Bad Family, and she’s a bit spicier as the best friend of the female lead.

Han Ji Won (Son Yeh Jin) and Seo Min-joon (Song Il Gook) are dating gurus. Both have an established and foolproof strategy to make the opposite sex fall for them…and it works every time! But when one sets eye on the other, they are shocked to find that their methods no longer work! The pros have met their match, and now it’s a battle to see who gives up and gives in first!

Ji Won is a private bank accountant, so she deals with rich people all the time. One of her most loyal customers buries his money in his farmland – all the size of football fields. It’s cruel but funny how she leads him on (he has an obvious crush on her, despite being much older). Her method is to act cute and innocent. His method is to portray the tortured widower who needs someone to relieve his pain.

This is true romantic comedy, especially when you get into their heads. Since both have their pride at stake, they imagine this battle of wits as a historical battle between warriors (expect running on water and swordfights!) Though if you asked me, it totally looked like Ji Won had the upper hand. But you know, I like it when I get to witness one half of a couple become hopelessly devoted. There’s a strange and funny twist at the end, too! I dare you to imagine yourselves in that situation and then tell me how you’d feel!

Overall, witty and funny with a pinch of romance without being overtly sweet.

Rating: 3/5


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