Speedy Scandal

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Starring: Cha Tae-hyun, Park Bo Young, Hwang Seok-Hyeon

Recommended by a Korean friend, I was attracted to the idea of it being purely comedic without romantic undertones. Cha Tae-hyun in My Sassy Girl was my very first look into Korean culture, and I think I’ve always held him in my heart as that funny yet loveable guy.

Nam Hyun-soo (Cha Tae-hyun) was an idol in his day. He’s now in his thirties, and host of a popular radio program. All of Korea is gripped by the moving story of a young, single mother in search of her father. When she calls into the show for advice, Hyun-soo tells her to not be afraid and confront her father. Not too long after that, Hwang Jeong-nam (Park Bo Young) shows up with her son, Gi-dong (Hwang Seok-hyeon) in tow, claiming to be Hyun-soo’s daughter. He tries to hide the facts, which leads to speculation that the two  are a couple!  In the midst of the scandal, all parties learn some valuable lessons.

Cha Tae-hyun is comedic gold, people. I don’t think I can ever take him seriously again! He is perfect for that plot with a seemingly ordinary man thrust into extraordinary situations, and he gives that character a larger-than-life feel. Hyun-soo believes that he’s still an idol, and thus worries what will happen if the news that he’s a father and a grandfather gets 0ut. What he doesn’t realize is that the public quickly loses interest and turns its attention to the up-and-coming instead. He learns that sometimes it’s better to branch out of what is comfortable.

Park Bo Young is a pretty new face in the Korean acting scene, and she’s absolutely adorable! She takes on the role of the sweet-faced, foul-tempered young woman that blows mediocrity out of Hyun-soo’s life! As his daughter, she inherits her stubborness from her father, and the two get into fights often. She has always been angry at her father for not being there for her, but she learns that sometimes, people aren’t at all what you expect. Her character’s dream is to be a singer, and I’m not sure if she actually sings for the movie, but what a powerful voice!!

Gi-dong surprises the audience by having a pretty big role in bringing together the family. You want to write off the cherubic face framed in curls, but beneath the sweetness lurks a little devil! He is quick to charm, but will gamble you blind! Add onto that antics that mimic  his grandfather’s hilarious personality.

This is seriously not a movie to miss! Make sure you’re in the mood for comedy with a bit of a lesson, or you’ll find this boring and predictable. The lesson that I got out of it was to practice safe sex! Accidental parenthood is no laughing matter.

Rating: 3.5/5


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