A Frozen Flower

Warning: This movie contains explicit sex scenes (homo and heterosexual). Mature audiences only.

The sword needs to move with soul. The problem is your heart.” – King Gongyang

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Starring: Joo Jin Mo, Jo In Sung, Song Ji Hyo

Get away with watching famous people bumping nasties! If your mommy walks in, you can give the excuse that you’re studying ancient Korean culture. You wouldn’t be able to do that had you been watching Squirrels Gone Wild, now would you?

A variant of the above poster is, at the time of this post, my desktop background. Also, guess who I found again? Im Jun Hwan! I’ve officially fallen for his boyish smile, and he def. looks good in long hair. I fell in love three-fold for this movie, because Jin Mo and In Sung are amaaaaaazing ~ ! In case you feel like you recognize people, Joo Jin Mo was in 200 Pound Beauty, and Song Ji Hyo was the ballerina that the prince originally proposed to in Goong.

It is the year 1392, and the Goryeo age is about to come to an end. King Gongyang (Joo Jin Mo) has trained an elite group of bodyguards since they were young; they are called the Kunryongwe. At its head is Hong Lim (Jo In Sung), who is also the king’s lover. Relations between Goryeo and Yuan begin to deteriorate when the emperor demands to install someone else that can be used as a puppet king. The major reason cited being the lack of an heir to the Goryeo throne. Unable to bring himself to sleep with a woman, Gongyang instead asks Lim to sleep with the queen (Song Ji Hyo). However, unforeseen consequences arise that inevitably lead to the end of an era.

GAH. This movie is amazing. Please know that if you wish to watch it, you must be prepared for nudity, and about 85% of the movie are sex scenes. And you get to see everything minus genitals, and for that reason I dub it “semi-porn”. However, the film itself is gorgeous. Stunning cinematography, well-choreographed fight scenes and of course, fabulous costumes.

And the acting was phenomenal, even if I began to hate everyone. The story becomes too much of an Arthur-Lancelot-Guinevere type story towards the end, and that’s probably why I ended up hating the three leads. I’ve always hated that story and anything resembling it. Anyway, Lim questions life, love, and everything post-copulation with the queen. This throws the king into a rage (which I think is totally justified) when he discovers what has happened.

He then does something…not-so justified, but I can definitely see what he hoped would happen as a result. Love and lust were really hard to separate in the movie, and I’m not convinced that Lim truly loved the queen. In fact, my problem with their relationship wasn’t because they had feelings for each other at all; Lim seemed to have loved both the king and the queen, based on the very last scene in the movie.

Im Jun Hwan plays Han-baek, a Kunryongwe member who tries to elope with the queen’s maid, and gets a pretty important verbal-lashing scene with In Sung, hoho. Toward the end of the film, the sub-chief Seung-ki (played by Shim Ji Ho…who has delicious lips) gets pretty awesome. I think he plays the creative interpretation of the historical Yi Seong-gye. This entire movie is (loosely) based on history. I’m not familiar enough with the story to know all the details, though…

Anyway, I think I’ve become a huge sucker for historical dramas. If I could go onto Facebook and find “councils discussing royal politics,” I would try to hit the “like” button 10,000 times. I love war councils, or discussions by high-ranking officials on what should be done regarding this or that matter within the palace. Palace intrigue is one of my favorite things.

I was reminded of The Curse of the Golden Flower. I seriously challenge you to watch this movie if you are mature enough. It was pretty epic.

Rating: 4/5

Did you even once consider me to be your love?” – King Gongyang


3 thoughts on “A Frozen Flower

  1. Very well made indeed! I love the characters. They have their own kind of strengths and weaknesses that makes them great and at the same time makes you think they’re all still human.

    • Exactly! That’s why I think this movie was so great. Beautiful people, stunning backdrop, and all of humanity’s ugliness. It made for quite the juxtaposition.

      I cannot wait to add this to my DVD collection. :]

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