Zettai Kareshi SP

Cast*: Kuninaka Ryoko, Uchida Asahi

*As this is a drama I have previously reviewed, you may view the original post for the original cast. Only new cast members will be posted here.

The pain begins all over again. Oh, the things I do for Mizushima Hiro…who is MARRIED, by the way! To the girl who sings the ending song  for this drama, no less! And she’s my age. WEIRD. Back on task: Night is back! What will this do to the relationship that Soshi painstakingly built with Riiko?

This is really one of those times when I wonder WTF is wrong with me. If you recall from my previous post, I hated this drama. Seriously, it was the Japanese equivalent of Goong, and I never wanted a sequel. However, it’s just a special and not a whole new season, so I decided to stomach my distaste for empty-headed Riiko and told myself that Mizushima Hiro was worth it.

The special begins three years later, with Soshi (Mizushima Hiro) and Riiko’s return to Japan from Paris. And they’re engaged! (Please thank your deity[ies] for me) But KRONOS HEAVEN has a new resident genius named Ayumi Kamiya (Kuninaka Ryoko), and she and her boyfriend-slash-assistant Jun Nanase (Uchida Asahi) are developing lover-class robots, and Kamiya is determined to make them all like Night! When he suddenly reappears in Riiko’s life, she immediately calls Namikiri, who’s holed himself up in a basement for the past three years. But of course, Night has no memory of anything, so it’s back to square one! Riiko becomes conflicted, while Soshi is anxious and hurt, but keeps it all locked inside. What happens when Night’s memories resurface?

Things that are different? Obviously, Night remembers nothing. And that Soshi and Riiko are engaged. But the Asamoto brothers now have a more honest and loving relationship! Awww… And Riiko got prettier! Too bad she’s still the same old featherbrain. Riiko comes to realize that, despite his sexiness (okay, Night is hot, too…), Soshi is the typical Japanese man. He’s told Riiko once that he loves her, and gave her a ring. So there’s no need to further express his feelings, right? Unfortunately, Riiko is the type that loves to be showered in affection. She begins to feel worried and distant. Meanwhile, Soshi is the typical Japanese man, and suffers in silence.

And there’s more! The Pres. (aka Soshi’s father) hides that he’s got heart problems, and Soshi finds out. He goes into cardiac arrest after a particularly nauseating moment where Riiko’s unrealistically good luck strikes again. (It was one of those, “All hope seems lost. BUT WAIT! It just so happens that the one person who matters stayed when everyone else left!” HOW CONVENIENT.)

It turns out that Dr. Kamiya has an interesting past, and is that sort of person that really should have never been a scientist in the first place. However, it is sweet when her robot Jun reawakens. He’s lecturing her on how a robot who lives forever feels when the person they are built to love dies, and then starts short-circuiting. She gets weepy, and he says, “Don’t cry. I’m only a robot.”

Pres. Asamoto also says that having children is “proof of your existence.” I do not believe that. If you have to prove you exist via someone else, there is obviously a lot of soul-searching you need to do. I’m sorry to get so personal in a review, but I am a person who believes in herself. I was created with a purpose, and my existence does not depend on another. I exist because I am me, and I have hopes and dreams. I do not need children to feel justified, nor will I ever have any. (I do wish to adopt, since this world is full of children born without anything, but that’s a different rant.) But applied to robots, I think I do agree. They never die, and it’s not fair to be given self-awareness and an ego, only to find that the one you were built to love has died. We are finite, so why create something infinite (even if it were possible)?

Anyway, I must again applaud the True Man’s appearance. He rarely shows up in Korean dramas, and is practically non-existent in Western film. But he seems to like to pop up in Japanese stuff. He’s the guy that understands that when you love someone, you want them to be happy. Even when it’s not with him.

And yet again, the ending was disappointing and doesn’t really wrap up anything.

Rating: 2.5/5

[Note: Please feel free to comment on any of the issues I’ve touched on within this post. I will not begrudge you your opinion. Thanks! ♥]


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