Seducing Mr. Perfect

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Starring: Uhm Jung Hwa, Daniel Henney

Daneil Henney! He makes some interesting romantic comedies. It must be that damned sexy smirk he always seems to have. This kid clearly needs more action. So of course, after Wolverine, they put him in…a medical drama! Yay.

Fun fact: I was reading the Korean in the title and didn’t understand where the sounds “ro” and “bin” were coming from. It’s because that’s the male lead’s name. It’s a good name…just not on that sexy ass, er body. Watching this movie may be difficult for some. During most of the talking scenes, all I could think was, “DanielHenneyDanielHenneyDanielHenney!” ♥ Or I’d pause and squeal because he is so delicious. Oh, enough fangirling ~ here’s a summary.

Min Jun/”June” (Uhm Jung Hwa) is a modern woman with an ancient problem: she can’t keep a guy! On her way to the office, she accidentally rear-ends a car. Out steps the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen. Turns out he can’t speak Korean (he understands it well, though), nor the concept of loving anyone but himself and demands she pay for the damage. June gives him lip, but later finds out that he’s her new boss, Mr. Robin Heiden! (Daniel Henney ~ ♥) [Hence the title, which is literally “Seducing Mr. Robin”] He lets her in on a secret: love is just a game and it’s all about the right strategy. So the master gives June tips on winning back the man who cheated on her, not realizing that he’s become a victim of his own game.

Yes, Mr. Robin is an ass. He’s impatient and a bit spoiled, but seems to have a sentimental side despite his cold exterior.Plus, his backstory includes a bullet wound scar that isn’t really important, because how can you concentrate with that naked chest staring at you?!

LAME-O part: When Robin says that he loved her the moment he saw her smeared lipstick. I was like, “UM HELL NO.” He was still too much of an arrogant prick at that time to even understand the concept of love. I think that he truly started falling when she gave a card asking him to meet her, and then ends up being set up on a blind date. He also calls her and mistakenly thinks she’s having sex [LOL, innuendo!]. Expression there was absolutely priceless.

But does anyone else think that even if he’s ridiculously attractive, he’s sort of out of place in romantic comedies? I think the American media effed me over by putting him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, because every time I see him, I think of him as a “kick-ass” sort of guy. It was still funny to watch him stammer during the scene where she’s drunk, though. He’s all, “I…I didn’t…” I LOVE IT when the arrogant are rendered speechless! ^_^

Anyway, Uhm Jung Hwa looks AMAZING. I am jealous that she can pull off sexy and cute while still being modern and stylish. Even though she’s playing a woman around her age, she still maintains a youthful sort of charm and naivete which is interesting. I’m not quite sure why, but I had a giggle fit when June crosses the road and almost gets hit by a car, and Robin is all, “When you cross that road, you look both ways! ARE YOU TRYING TO GIVE ME A HEART ATTACK?!” I was like, “Yessir!”

I also didn’t like that they didn’t follow through on the promise. Asshat-Robin says, “You’ll die alone,” [no, that’s really what he said!] and then says that if she can get him to beg her, he’ll apologize on his knees. He does sort of beg her to forget his old self and embrace the gentler Robin at the end, BUT HE DIDN’T GET DOWN ON HIS KNEES. WHAT.

Anyway, good fun for all! And I was almost more taken with the snazztacular Uhm Jung Hwa more than Daniel! The family doesn’t get a very big role, but there’s a scene at the very end during the credits that’s pretty hilarious. Overall, pretty standard Korean fluff.

Rating: 3/5


2 thoughts on “Seducing Mr. Perfect

    • It is a lot of fun! Unfortunately, I don’t think that Daniel Henney makes for a good actor in romantic comedies. I prefer him in action! Thanks for commenting~ ^^

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