Oh! Happy Day

The truth is often invisible, and can only be felt. ~ Hee-jee

HanCinema | Crunchyroll

Starring: Jang Na Ra, Park Jung Chul

It really does make your day happy. Read all about how I was in a bad mood RAWR & this movie made me giggle! Once again, Asians save the day.

You know those days when something is just…off? You want to watch a movie to keep from sitting alone in the dark being emo, but you definitely don’t want something dramatic or overly sappy. If it’s dramatic, it will remind you of your problems, if it’s too sappy, it’ll just make you feel even lonelier than before. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you THE SOLUTION! It’s ridiculous, it’s over the top, and it’s just enough sap to keep you from punching the next happy couple you see, or crying yourself to sleep.

Bong Hee-Jee (Jang Na Ra) is a champion for social justice. She will kick evil-doers in the face…literally! When it comes to things she loves, she doesn’t back down, and acts in the extremes. She teaches a class on voice acting, as this is what she does with her free time, and has no qualms about beating up the students for misbehaving. While fighting for a friend, she encounters Kim Hyun Jun (Park Jung Chul). He’s handsome and he’s the youngest director of an international company. SEXY! She is immediately smitten, and sneaks into his hotel room to steal is schedule [and gets more than that! Hehe ~ ] and carefully plans to be wherever he is. At first she is a problem that Hyun Jun must solve, but she’s everywhere and not going away. It doesn’t take long for her to “barge into his heart.”* When he discovers that she has stolen from him, he feels betrayed. After a heated fight that ends in an accident, Hee-jee sees a woman kissing him and her heart breaks, leading her to the most extreme act of all.

It really isn’t that epic, because hello ~ it’s comedy!  The movie takes on the personality of its heroine and seems a bit reluctant to add the tag ‘romance,’ but it does. Favorite scene: THE OTHER WOMAN is all, “Aren’t we fab together? Hee-jee, do you have a boyfriend?” She replies in the negative saying, “He doesn’t like me.” Folks, I want you to catch the amazing look on Park Jung Chul’s face that is both incredulous and emotional. NNNGH. *clutches at heart* Beautiful. ♥

Oh, and what did I mean by ridiculous? Well, it ends in a song/dance number, for one. Secondly, even amidst the pain Hee-jee suffers, it’s still funny?! I admit that I was laughing hysterically every time Jun Pyo of Boys Over Flowers had an emotional meltdown, but I promise I wasn’t being cyncial or sadistic here. It’s because Hee-jee is both protagonist and comic relief rolled into one! She winds up in the hospital a lot in awkward positions and has some really hilarious family members that mostly just scream so that the whole world knows of their problems. [The poor father!] So instead of you getting all emotional with her, you get to laugh. Isn’t that nice?

I recommend watching this film if you are into over-the-top comedy with a pinch of mischievous romance, or just want something to make your shitty day a little better. It’s probably too much for anyone else to handle as it’s pretty predictable and could be seen as trying to hard to be funny.

Rating: 3/5

*Actual quote from Kangin on We Got Married. XD


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