My Sassy Girl

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Starring: Cha Tae-Hyun, Jun Ji-hyun

If you’ve never watched Korean movies, you should start here. I did, before I ever got swept up by the Korean wave. I saw it at an anime convention and fell in love with it. It’s no wonder, since this movie is Korea’s darling.

Gyeon-woo (Cha Tae-Hyun) is your pretty average guy, who happens to have no girlfriend, despite his aunt’s several attempts to set him up. While on his way home, he spots a girl on the subway that is clearly drunk. The Girl (Jun Ji-hyun) calls Gyeonwoo “honey,” and everyone automatically assumes that he is responsible for her, thus beginning their crazy relationship. He takes her to a motel to recover, but it turns out she has a violent temper and accuses him of being a pervert. They somehow become exactly what everyone confused them for, and more. They make a promise to meet back under a certain tree in so many years, to see if they still want to be together. But will The Girl come, or has she moved on?

As I said, this movie is amazing. The Girl (she never gets named) is so spunky and spicy ~ she writes sci-fi screenplays that are half awful and half hilarious, and makes herself the star. It’s based off of an internet novel under NON-FICTION. That’s right people, this story was true! It manages to work in seriousness amidst all the laughter, though. The Girl is actually in mourning, which is why most of her actions are so erratic. But she is a believer in Fate, and this belief inevitably leads her back to Gyeonwoo in the most amazing way.

I cannot gush enough about this movie. Even if you’re not a romance sort of person, I promise you’ll be entertained! And if you want to have a marathon movie night of romantic comedies, I recommend following up with Windstruck [review to come].

Rating: 4/5


4 thoughts on “My Sassy Girl

      • i am a huge asian drama and movie fan, but recently, i’ve been a bit stuck on what movie/drama to watch. I would really like to find some quality and worthy ones. I heard that historical dramas are really good, but I’m just not that interested. Unfortunately that narrows my choices, but …ehh.

        sooo can u give me a short list?

        thank you so much (:

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