Formula 17

WARNING: Contains boys kissing and groping.

“There’s a thing called love in the world, but you must have courage to see it.” – Bai


Starring: Tony Yang, Duncan Lai, Chin King, Dada Ji, Jimmy Yang

GAY BOYS KISSING! SHIRTLESS PLUMBERS! POOL SCENES! STEAMY SHOWERS! One of those things better have enticed you, or we may have a problem.

Chou T’ien-Tsai (Tony Yang) is a country bumpkin any way you look at it, but definitely pure at heart. He firmly believes in saving himself for someone that he truly loves. He is invited to Taipei by an internet crush, but is devasted to find that this young man is only after physical pleasures. Tien seeks out a former classmate, Yu (Chin King), who works at a bar and has a long-distance relationship with an American man. He is immediately introduced to Yu’s hilarious group of gay friends: cross-dressing CC (Dada Ji), and Alan (Jimmy Yang), aka “Wandering Cock” [LOL WHAT A NICKNAME.] Tien sees Bai Tian Nan (Duncan Lai), and is instantly attracted to him. His new friends warn him that Bai is notorious for one-night stands. It is later discovered that Bai has a fear of intimacy due to the fact that the men he’s loved in the past were ill-fated, and thus, he has never been able to kiss anyone. Tien works part-time as a pool boy and sees Bai often, and they fall in love, and sleep together. But Bai is not there when Tien wakes up, instead sending his friend  to explain things: “He’s at my place. Don’t misunderstand.” Of course Tien does, and runs off. Will Bai’s apology reach Tien, or will he again suffer the curse of being unable to keep his loved ones by his side?

This movie is both hilarious and touching with a touch of steam. Of course, the cast is overly flamboyant and stereotypical. I must say that I was envious of CC’s complexion and make-up skills throughout the movie, and he definitely earned the title of my favorite character! Gosh, this movie was watched practically simultaneously with Bishounen [review pending], making it my first gay movie ever.

I heartily recommend that you start with this movie if you are interested in exploring gay films in Asia.

Rating: 3.5/5


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