Attack on the Pin-up Boys


Starring: All of Suju (sans Kyuhyun, due to the accident)

It suddenly occurred to me – as I watched this for the second time two nights ago – I never wrote a review for this movie! Tragedy!

The movie is about Donghae and Kibum, two pretty average kids, one with a knack for sleuth work and blogging. When Sungmin is attacked by a vengeful soul whose arsenal is only a bag of poop, nobody thought anything of it. He was beautiful and popular, so antis were a given, right? But when rockstar Yesung and basketball pretty boy Hankyung also get attacked, people started noticing. Schools dubbed these incidents as “Attacks on the Pin-up Boys,” as they were directed only at the popular and attractive students. Rumour has it that Paran High, where Donghae and Kibum attend will be next ~ but will the attacker choose national judo champ Kangin, hip-hop sensation Heechul, or school president Siwon? And something in this investigation seems a little fishy…

Okay, so it’s not really as epic as I made it sound. It’s a fun movie, especially if you’re a Super Junior fan. Donghae is pretty good, and Kibum’s future in acting was definitely clear. To this day, people still recall Wookie’s hilarious performance as sidekick to the ever-perfect Siwon. According to a recent interview, he just watched his hyungs acting, and copied their energy and enthusiasm playing completely ridiculous characters. Which is probably why he’s the most hilarious.

Definitely recommended for those boring, rainy days or whenever you have nothing else to do. You are guaranteed side-clutching laughter, or at the very least a smile.

Rating: 3.5/5


3 thoughts on “Attack on the Pin-up Boys

  1. hahahahahaaa!! YAY you did a review on this! <333 this movie has become one of my all time faves! just because its down right silly XD. i made a couple of my friends watch it while they were eating, not a very good reaction for the poop throwing parts but they laughed out of control :D Wookie’s acting was SOOO memorable!! that kid is SO hilarious!!
    never get tired of this movie :D awesome review!! and you did make it sound pretty epic~ xD

    • I remember seeing BTS cams. OMG, CRIES. Wookie was sooo funny. He was like, “I can’t do this!” for the scene where Sungmin “interviews” the school. And when Minnie had to do the photoshoot with the unicorn, he was like, “This is so going to ruin my image.”

      LOL. I love these boys. Nothing to reinforce that love like putting them all in a movie! PS: Yesung, get crackin’ on that rockstar career! Wookie & Donghae, plz act in more things kthnx. ♥

      This is definitely the movie that all friends should be forced to watch! XD

      • OMG Yesung should really try some rock for a change, he was goooooooooooood!! If i was a director and i saw this movie, i would cast Wookie in a movie INSTANTLY!! he was SO cute!! i can’t even tell you how much i laughed watching him!! but then again, i don’t think i need to tell you~

        and i sort of thought i knew who the attacker was but then i was like….”no way~” but then it did end up being him and my reaction was “LOL WTH!!?!?!? i was right????”

        okay so here is my complain~ KYU WASN’T IN THIS!! so therefore i demand another movie with ALL 13 OF THEM!! and possibly TVXQ too. XD *i know you want it too* that would be SO EPIC! i would probably end up watching it a zillion times!

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