2 Faces of my Girlfriend

Love is crazy, only in this case, literally!

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Starring: Jung Ryu Won, Bong Tae Kyu

It’s the modern “My Sassy Girl” tale! You can imagine why it took me so long for me to get around to this one, when there are no big names or pretty boys to tempt me. But it was the synopsis that eventually made me give in.

Gu-chang (Bong Tae Kyu) is 30 and has never had a girlfriend, much less been kissed. It doesn’t help that he lives with his mother and divorced older sister, all three mooching off of money given by the ex-husband. He is mercilessly teased, and decides to prove them wrong! As Fate would have it, he finds the purse of “Ani” (Jung Ryu Won), a lovely girl with a secret. Her name is actually Yuri, and she developed multiple personality disorder to cope with the memory of her boyfriend’s death. In the beginning, Gu-chang is taken aback by the drastic difference between the sweet-natured Ani and her overprotective (and perhaps gender-confused) other self, “Hanni”. However, he gradually falls deeper in love with her and she with him. When the time comes, the older sister steps in and makes the decision to silence Hanni and Ani forever and bring back Yuri. Chances are, she won’t remember her relationship with Gu-chang.

Though mostly light-hearted and romantic, this movie does pull heartstrings…at least mine. Gu-chang and Ani are in love. She’s quirky and cute, and he even learns how to appease Hanni. But when her older sister sets him down and says that Ani isn’t real, Gu-chang can’t take it. He won’t stand for her being erased, but it turns out she seems to know what her fate is. He knows that she probably won’t remember him, and Yuri may not be half as loveable as her created character. Of course, they are able to start over. Yuri is like a blend of Ani and Hanni. She’s intelligent, since I think she was originally a scientist/explorer, but still retains Ani’s amiable nature and sweet smile. However, she does have Hanni’s spunk on occasion.

I think the audience is meant to grieve with Gu-chang as Ani disappears, since she was a person in her own right. Without Ani, there was no need for Hanni to protect her innocence, so s/he also fades away. The reliving of her ex-boyfriend’s death is also very sad, especially the hallucinations it inspires. I was relieved that the ending was happy, and they had the hope of being a normal couple. But I would have liked to see Ani & Hanni stay.

Overall, a movie as quirky and charming as its lead actress!

Rating: 3/5


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