Hey there, L20 readers!

I’m still on Cyworld, but I figured that wasn’t enough publicity. Soooo, I’m on Twitter now! Please follow me!

Also, I will be writing a review on Boys Over Flowers shortly. It’s a joint post with spazzes from Pretty Boy Power, so look forward to it!

♥ Tacti


3 thoughts on “Twitter-pated?

  1. OH YAY!! you’re doing a joint review! thats awesome!! can’t wait for it!! i love reading both yours and spazzes’ reviews!! <3

    • I figured it would help to balance everything out, since we’re both biased for OPPOSITE ships. XD And because most of the time I rant, it sounds like I hated BOF when that’s not necessarily true. ^_^

      [Plus, it’s my first joint review! *fangirls* It’s something I’d like to do in the future. Perhaps you and I could do one? (: ]

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