Boku Wa Imouto Ni Koi Wo Suru

WARNING! This movie contains twincest – an incestuous relationship between twins.

I know that my love for you is forbidden, but I love you so much, I don’t know what to do.” – Yori

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Starring: Matsumoto Jun, Nana Eikura, Ayaka Komatsu, Yuuta Hiraoka

Many cultures consider twins special or possessing mystical powers, or to be linked. This is a story of that special connection taken to the next level.

Long-winded title, huh? (AKA: Secret Sweethearts; My Sister, My Love; BokuImo) I wanted to keep the entire title, in case you wanted to look it up, as it’s also a manga and an anime with an OVA. And…this is my first encounter with the beautiful Matsumoto Jun. ♥

The story involves twins Yori (Matsumoto Jun) and Iku (Nana Eikura), who were once inseparable as children. Yori now treats his younger sister coldly, and has become a generally moody young man. The reason is because he’s in love with her. However, so is his best friend Yano (Yuuta Hiraoka). While he accepts that he cannot compete with Yori for Iku’s love, Kusanoki Tomoka (Ayaka Komatsu) cannot accept that Yori doesn’t love her. This creates another rift in the siblings’ relationship…

This movie was really really slow. Like, Ent-slow. [Lord of the Rings reference], but sweet. It is pretty emotion-centric, and pushes the despair that the star couple feels, and the feeling that time for the couple slowly running out. Since everything Yori does is deliberate, we often have to wait several minutes for the character to speak, while the camera focuses on displaying his confusion and self-pity. Iku is a little more open with her emotions, but mostly spends long scenes crying.

Jun’s Yori is extremely melancholic (even Edward Cullen can’t sulk like him…and he’s probably the moodiest bastard ever!), and prone to dwell. He is a man who suffers in silence and on his own. He’s also very gentle. In the manga (which I read to better understand the ending, and found to be mostly softcore smut), he was more forceful and headstrong. And a ton more violent, as he kicked the asses of anyone who messed with/touched his sister.

On-screen Iku and manga Iku were pretty much the same; she’s so childlike and clueless. The major difference is that Nana Eikura’s Iku says, “Half is enough.” In the manga, Iku always talks about how the way Yori touches her (if at all) in public is never enough. And in the movie, she cried a whole lot less.

Yuuta’s Yano was a complete 360 from his manga incarnation. In the manga, Yano is mostly a sadistic (and very rich) pervert that comes to love Iku despite the fact that he knows he isn’t Yori. In the movie, he was gentle and nerdy and even encouraged Yori to act more like a lover than a brother. My favorite line: “Loving someone isn’t wrong – even if it’s your younger twin sister.” It takes a man of true calibre (and balls) to say something like that when practically the entire world thinks otherwise. I loved this Yano. ♥

Onscreen Kusanoki was more clingy-stalker ex-girlfriend with a hint of sadism (she says, “I love your troubled face”). In the manga, she was the definition of spiteful. She flaunts her wealth and power, and her ability to be able to touch Yori in public. And her greatest joy was making Iku suffer. And I totally hate how she acts like she owns Yori. Bitch.

I wanted so much for them to move to a different town – anywhere that didn’t know them – and be happy together. Buuut, that didn’t happen. ;_; At least Matsumoto Jun looked sexy while he was tormented!

Rating: 2.5/5

Loving someone isn’t wrong – even if it’s your younger twin sister.” – Yano


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