100 Days with Mr. Arrogant

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Starring: Ha Ji Won, Kim Jae Won

Look who I found again :D! I seriously cannot get enough of this woman, because she is awesome. As you can imagine, her character in this is so different from what I last saw her in, which was Damo. This is no historical drama, and Ha Ji Won isn’t going to take being kicked around!

Kang Ha -Young (Ha Ji Won) gets dumped by her boyfriend on their 100 Day anniversary. She pretends it was all her idea in the first place and walks out with a brave face. But of course, she’s really upset. While walking home, she kicks a can that hits Lee Hyungjoon  (Kim Jae Won), and scratches his Lexus. He’s a bad-tempered man, so he demands she pay $3000 in repair costs but Ha-Young runs away, leaving behind her wallet. Hyung Jun follows her, discovers she’s a poor high school student, and writes up an “Enslavement Contract” for the next 100 days in order to clear her debt. However, Ha Young later finds out that the so-called “damage” to the car costs only $10! She begins her revenge, but it backfires when he shows up as her new tutor! As the two spend more time with each other, they begin to fall in love.

This movie was really funny, but had a lot of gross humour. Not that I’m not used to that with two brothers of my own, but I found myself gagging through a lot of the scenes. You’ll get what I mean if you see it. Ha Young is spirited, but sometimes a little naive as is expected of a high school girl. Hyungjoon is in college, so he has a bit more experience…in everything but love! The way that Ha Young never hides her true colours pulls his heartstrings, even though he’s too arrogant to admit that he started falling for her first.

My favorite scene was when they were about to go bunjee jumping and Hyungjoon gets into an argument with a couple behind them. Ha Young gets queasy when she looks down, and faints…right off the platform. As soon as she starts falling, instinct takes control and Hyungjoon immediately jumps after her. Once she is safe in his arms, he truly realizes what she has become to him. FANGIRL!

Second favorite scene: Ha Young has now fallen for him, and lingers after saying goodnight, hoping for a kiss. When she gets nothing, she turns to go inside, but Hyungjoon grabs her and kisses her. I went, “SCORE!” Can something like this happen in my life, plz? ;_; That is one of my most ardent wishes.

This movie is super cute! If you find yourself easily grossed out, you might want to close your eyes, or do something else. I promise the ending is worth it!

Rating: 3.5/5


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