I’m a Cyborg, But That’s Okay

Two disturbed individuals find sanity in each other.

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Starring: Jung Ji Hoon (Rain), Im Soo Jung

Who wants to see Rain in a bunny mask hopping around on the floor? If that doesn’t do it for you, how about watching him talk with dentures?

Let me start by saying that this movie is weird, but brilliant. But I’m the kinda girl that appreciates the oddballs in film, so it really is okay. The part that is not acceptable is that Soo Jung-sshi got to work with two hotties: Rain and So Ji Sub.

The story unfolds as we learn about a young woman named Young Goon (Im Soo Jung), who was sent to a mental institution by her relatives. Young Goon lives alone with her grandmother, thus making her speak like an old person. The grandmother is soon taken away to an institution when it is discovered that she thinks she’s a rat and eats radishes all day. Young Goon’s mother, aunt, and uncle decide that the condition of the house is not acceptable, and bring her back to live with them. Young Goon follows the ambulance with her grandmother’s dentures, never being able to return them. It is later revealed that Young Goon believes that she is a cyborg, and wears her grandmother’s dentures to speak to machines. Instead of eating, she licks a battery in order to “recharge.” A young man named Il Sun (Rain), a kleptomaniac who steals personality traits from people, soon takes notice of the girl and falls in love with her. Young Goon’s physical condition becomes fatal due to her lack of food, and Il Sun devises a way to get her to eat again.

I definitely liked how the movie showed both the world through the eyes of the patients, as well as from the standpoint of the doctors. Without that, I think it would have been too left-field, and much more difficult to understand. Also, Rain gets to unleash his inner dork, since his character often runs around with a mask with ears and hops around like a bunny.

The fun doesn’t stop there!  Some really fun supporting characters show up around the hospital. There’s the love triangle involving a young woman who thinks she’s a little Swiss maid and uses a mirror to speak to people, a young man who thinks he has an elastic band around his waist, and an obese woman obsessed with beauty. There’s even a funny scene where a compulsive liar shows Young Goon around and makes up stories about the patients, but the doctors catches her. All of the patients have such creative illnesses, yet all of the hospital were like a family – some more sane than others.

My favorite supporting role was the man who is so polite that he can’t even walk forward. That’s right – he walks backwards. Il Sun steals this man’s politeness, which results in a complete reversal in the man, who becomes hostile and rude. He  also steals the voice of the Swiss maid, and sings to Young Goon when both of them are in solitary confinement (i.e. the white, padded rooms). So Rain does actually sing in the movie! And of course, his voice is lovely, even when singing about REALLY weird things. I want that song!

Young Goon asks Il Sun to steal her sympathy, so that she can kill the doctors holding her grandmother prisoner. She believes that she is a combat cyborg, but only her grandmother knows the reason she was built.  Thus, she is given the mission to save her grandmother. She hesitates to carry this out because she sympathizes with the doctors. What if they have grandmothers, too? But these feelings are not allowed, because even cyborgs have Seven Deadly Sins:

1. Being sad
2. Restlessness
3. Hesitating about anything
4. Useless daydreaming
5. Feeling guilty
6. Thankfulness
7. Sympathy

Anyway, this is the heartwarming story of two disturbed individuals and how the two find something close to sanity in each other. Im Soo Jung and Rain had really good chemistry, and did really well with their specific illnesses. I’d definitely recommend if you like the bizarre or light-hearted (with a splash of drama). It was a lot of fun to watch!

Rating: 4/5


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