1% of Anything

“There’s a 99% chance that it won’t work out. But there’s still that one percent of hope.” –Kim Da-hyun


Starring: Kim Jung Hwa, Kim Dong Won, Han Hye Jin, Lee Byung Wook, Kim Seung Min, Kim Ji Woo

I’ve started adding quotes to the top of my post. From now on, I’ll be choosing the quote that seems to best suit the drama/movie title and what it’s about and put it at the top, and also end the post with a quote that I found profound. Look forward to these from now on! ♥

I’ll be honest with you, and say that I didn’t look at this picture and go, “WOW, hotties! Gotta see this!” No. Instead, because of the obscene amount of time I spend on mysoju.com, I saw this title every time I was looking for a show to watch. I mean, it’s at the top of the alphabetized list. I saw Kim Jung Hwa’s big and bright smile and wondered: “What does 1% of anything mean?” So I looked it up, and found myself drawn into it.

Plus, there is something inherently adorable about thirty-year-old men buying stuffed animals or pouting for a kiss. It’s Zhoumi emoticon-worthy!  :^D And now, for a summary.

The basic story is about a kind young middle school teacher named Da-hyun (Kim Jung-hwa) who helps an old man on the subway. This elderly gentleman turns out to be the rich Chairman of a famous corporation. In his will, he writes that whomever marries Da-hyun inherits his fortune. His grandsons, quick-tempered hotel manager Lee Jae-in (Kang Dong Wan) and the ambitious Min Tae-ha (Lee Byung Wook) compete for the ultimate prize. While Jae-in and Da-hyun form a haphazard relationship, Tae-ha mistakes Da-hyun’s adopted “sister” and best friend Eun-jin (Han Hye Jin) for her, and falls for her…

Something you will hear over and over from people surrounding the star couple is that a marriage can’t survive on love alone. They mean it in the sense that Jae-in’s and Da-hyung’s family backgrounds are incompatible. Jae-in and Da-hyun, however, stress that mutual trust is also a key in making that 1% chance possible.

This drama is rare in that the main family is based on love and kindness, and that there are five couples by the end. While most of the story focuses on the struggle to have a relationship start between Jae-in and Da-hyun, their battle for permission to continue dating, and the all-out war to obtain marriage blessings, it does also focus on the people around the two. And my favorite couple wasn’t even the main couple – it was their rival couple, I guess you could say. I guess I just found Tae-ha to be more attractive.

Anyway, this series is pretty fun and heartwarming at the same time. After a while, it does seem to drag on, though.

Rating: 3/5

“Love isn’t business. It’s about giving, endlessly.” – Lee Jae-in


2 thoughts on “1% of Anything

  1. ah i was waiting for this (:
    thanks for reviewing it!
    i’m guessing tae ha and eun jin did end up together at the end? i definitely thought they were the best couple too (:
    3/5 seems kind of high but maybe i would like it more if i had stuck it out to the end..
    (and lmao at the “zhou mi emoticon” xD)

  2. swtsrwlove: 3 is the general rating I give to something that’s generally interesting. Maybe I should put a breakdown of my grading? lol. 2 means that I really didn’t enjoy it, or ended up hating it. I don’t give anything 1 because that sort of assumes that I’ve discontinued that series/movie already. ^^;

    In this instance, I wanted to see how the couples got together, even if the plot suffered. Yes, Eun Jin/Tae Ha did end up together, and I loved them! ♥

    Even Suh-Hyun (sp?) – Dada’s hot older brother – gets someone, though it made me mad that the final two couples were sloppily thrown together, even if there was a lot of hinting with one. The Suh-Hyun one was random, but as soon as she appeared, I knew they would get together.

    (Actually, I think I miscounted? o_O There seem to be only four couples I remember…)

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