Fated To Love You

Starring: Chen Qiao En, Ethan Ruan, Baron Chen, Bianca Bai

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Top three reasons I watched this:

  1. CHEN QIAO EN. I’ve come to adore her as an actress, so obviously, I was drama-stalking her. ♥
  2. A friend heartily recommended it. I tend to like the things she likes, but it doesn’t always necessarily work the other way around.
  3. Have you seen Ethan Ruan? DAMN, he’s fine.

    I had half of this entry already written, but I decided to start over. So, let’s get summarizing. Chen Xin Yi (Chen Qiao En) is what people around her call a “Sticky Note Girl.” You can use her whenever it’s convenient for you, and throw her away when you’re done. She works at a law firm and literally does everything you ask of her around the office. She has no personality, and absolutely nothing would ever make anyone take a second glance at her. She goes on a cruise with her boyfriend, in hopes of tying him down by getting pregnant. Chen Xin Yi boards with a cold, and takes cold medicine while on the cruise. It makes her drowsy, and she walks into the wrong room. Ji Cun Xi (Ethan Ruan) is the only son of the Ji family, who runs the prestigious Mo Fa Ling Enterprise, which deals with products for the house. He is drugged by the owners of a small island factory, angered by his decision to close them down; he wanders into his dark room disoriented, and mistakes Chen Xin Yi for his girlfriend, Anna. They have a one-night stand, which leads to Xin Yi’s pregnancy, and a marriage contract.

    Xin Yi is, at the beginning, very submissive. She does as Cun Xi asks of her, despite her own feelings. Later on, she strives to become someone new. She adopts a new name, and gains both confidence and a temper. She tends to jump to conclusions without first asking for explanations. She wants a family more than anything, but thinks that Cun Xi is too far out of reach to be not only the father to her child, but also husband to her.

    Ji Cun Xi at the beginning, has a very bad temper. He insists that everything is done his way, and is the last person to figure out how he feels for Xin Yi. He’s angry that his girlfriend Anna has stood him up so many times, refused his proposals, and didn’t get on the cruise ship, but while she’s pursuing her dream as dancing Odette in Swan Lake, he discovers that Xin Yi is the one that actually takes care of his needs. Toward the end, he gets more gentle, and learns how to listen and compromise.

    Shi Anna (Bianca Bai). She needs to be on stage, or she doesn’t know what to do with herself. Her entire life is ballet. When she discovers the truth about the marriage contract between Xin Yi and Cun Xi, she acts rashly. Her actions had the potential to end in utter tragedy. The series treats this incident as a result of Anna proving her love to Cun Xi, but I don’t buy it. There could have been death – both real and metaphorical.

    Dylan (Baron Chen) is an arts director that has a knack for discovering “diamonds in the rough,” if you will. Which pretty much means that he finds works of art that are seemingly simple, and makes them worth fortunes. It’s this part of him that is attracted to Xin Yi. He sees her potential as someone beautiful and strong, and wants to bring that to the surface. Originally, he was simply her confidante, as Xin Yi mistakes him for a priest. He was separated with his sister, also called Xin Yi, when they were very young. He constantly searches for her, and whenever he hears the name Xin Yi (which is already a commonplace name), he can’t help but want to go up to the girl.

    Of course, this is a “Happily Ever After” story. BUT! Early on, the scriptwriters pull their trump card of drama. I fell for their trick, and expected them to pull out the heavier stuff later on. I was completely shocked to find things spiraling downward so early on. But fear not, there is a lot of comedic relief in this show. Its main sources are Cun Xi’s grandmother (Tan Ai Zhen), Cun Xi’s personal assistant Anson (Na Wei Xun), and Xin Yi’s family: her mother and two older sisters.

    Anyway, I give this show two thumbs up! It’s a must-see!

    Rating: 4.5/5


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