Bad Family


Starring: Kim Heechul, Nam Sang Mi, Kim Myung Min, Im Hyun Sik, Yeo Woon Kye, Kang Nam Gil, Geum Bo Ra, Park Jin Woo, Hyun Young, Lee Young Yoo

You may be wondering why I included all of the above. That’s because they are all main characters that are present in every single episode. Baek Na Rim (Lee Young Yoo) is a little girl from a wealthy household who loses her entire family (and memory) at age 9. Consequently, she’s also lost the ability to speak due to the traumatic events. In order to help her regain her memories, her uncle hires Oh Dal Gun (Kim Myung Min) to recreate a situation similar to her former life. Dal Gun then gathers strange people to act as her dead family members. Soon, they begin to behave like a real family, and prove that blood ties aren’t as important as heart.

Yes, I drama-stalk Heechul. It’s in this drama that he sports his blond hair, but changes it to orange in the middle of the series. Their explanation was so cute: Na Rim used the wrong colour in a drawing she made in her diary, so Heechul (who plays her fake big brother), goes out and dyes it that colour and says, “Oppa will be whatever you want him to be.” The very first scene of the drama shows him huddled in a pile of trash, which I thought was pretty hilarious for “Heenim.”

Anyway, not only is the story of how Na Rim regains her ability to speak and her memories, but also love in the face of lies. Na Rim’s “parents” aren’t really married, but they eventually fall in love and Um Ji Sook (Geum Bo Ra), Na Rim’s fake mother, gets pregnant. But the main love story involves Ha Bu Kyung (Hyun Young), the department store manager who is interested in Dal Gun. Dal Gun and his “niece”, Yang Ah (Nam Sang Mi) have a thing for each other, while the hunk Ha Tae Kyung (Bu Kyung’s younger cousin) chases after Yang Ah.

Everyone gets paired off with someone else ~ even the rich boy runaway Gong Min (Heechul), who gets together with Yang Ah’s friend Noh Ah Na. She’s an announcer at the marketplace where the entire family works. The constant threat is that their open market will be destroyed by the department store where Yang Ah applies due to the better pay.

The man responsible for the deaths of Na Rim’s family is none other than the father of Tae Kyung, and uncle-cum-father of Bu Kyung. But the show doesn’t even bother to hide it: it’s how they are finally able to convict him that keeps you guessing! And of course, Dal Gun and Yang Ah get together. Overall, a very touching story. The characters are all unique and all bond, despite coming from different walks of life.

Rating: 3/5


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