One Fine Day

Starring: Yoo Gong, Sung Yu Ri, Nam Gong Min, Lee Yeon Hee


You’ve probably noticed by now that there is usually at least one actor in a drama I watch that I choose to follow: most notably Gong Yoo and Jun Ki.

Seo Haneul (Sng Yu Ri) and Seo Gun (Gong Yoo) are “siblings” in the eyes of the law. When their parents pass away, Haneul is adopted into a wealthy family, and Gun is taken to Australia. His adoptive sister Hyo Joo, has a heart condition, and he has become a gangster to try and help pay for her treatment. However, he has never forgotten Haneul, and continues to search for her. He extorts her for money when she is found, but they slowly begin to fall in love with each other. However, Hyo Joo (Lee Yeon Hee) has feelings for Gun, and Haneul’s adoptive brother is obessed with her. She works at an aquarium because of the memories she had with Gun, and her really Team Manager, Kang Dong Ha (Nam Gong Min) falls for her.

Okay, let’s be honest first. Even though Haneul and Gun aren’t biologically related, there is this vibe of incest. Even though Haneul’s brother, Tae Won (Yoo Ha Joon) is super pretty, he’s also super creepy. He literally stalks Haneul practically everywhere. He’s only very slightly crazy. His family calls Haneul “Hye Won” because they lost a child, and see Haneul as a replacement for their dead daughter. So her adoptive mother is a little creepy, too.

This drama is actually shot in Australia, too. It’s gorgeous, and it makes Gong Yoo look 10x more beautiful. Also, you get to hear him use some English, and that’s always hot. He also has a gangsta name! It’s a pun on his real name: “Yellow Gun.” And he tends to anger big black men with dreads that are supposed to look intimidating. Actually, I thought that Gangsta X was really attractive, minus his huge muscles. If he had an Aussie accent, I would have pounced on my computer screen.

Anyway…Gong Yoo does a smashing job at the tortured hero. He needs money for Hyo Joo, for whom he would do anything, because she may not live much longer. Yet he loves Haneul. Also, Haneul thinks they are blood relatives at first, and says, “If you weren’t my brother, I think I’d fall in love with you,” pretty early on in the series. Which pretty much starts Gun’s torture.

Also in this drama is Gong Chan’s secretary from My Girl! The beautiful Lee Eon Jeong stars as Team Manager Dong Ha’s bff, who has a secret crush on him. She and Mal Ja (Ahn Yeon Hong), along with Gun’s adoptive brother, Seong Chan / James (Kang Sung Jin) are also the comic relief of the show. It’s especially funny since Mal Ja (aka “MJ”) and “James” are divorced, but still clearly very interested in each other.

The plot of One Fine Day was really good, as was the acting. I also really liked the characters. However, the ending was disappointing. It builds up for what you think is going to be something big, and instead of going out with a bang, it just sort of…fizzes. Still, I recommend this just because of the acting!

Rating: 3.5/5


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