My Girl

Starring: Lee Dong Wook, Lee Da Hae, Lee Jun Ki, Park Si Yeon

DramaWiki page

Welcome to my very first Korean drama, which introduced me to Jun Ki. Hello, you ridiculously beautiful man. Anyway, I’m sure that you’ve all probably heard a lot about this one. It’s pretty popular. It’s another one of those, “Please pose as [insert person here], for me. OOPS. We fell in love” stories. It’s both sweet and dramatic at times.

Joo Yoo Rin is discovered to have connections to the rich hottie, Seol Gong Chan’s cousin, who has been missing for several years. She is asked to pose as the cousin until he can find the real girl. Of course, they fall for each other. Meanwhile, while they are sorting out their feelings for each other, others step in. Kim Seo Hyun (Park Si Yeon), pro tennis player and Gong Chan’s former girlfriend is one. The other is Jung Woo (Jun Ki), Gong Chan’s best friend. But don’t get too distracted by these absolutely gorgeous people. …Wait, what was I talking about, again?

Oh yeah…the drama. Well, everything is pretty standard: rich boy meets not-so-rich girl, sparks fly. There is a period of separation between the two destined lovers, and Jung Woo is convinced that he will be the one to find Yoo Rin first. Fate does not agree, and of course, Gong Chan finds her. Eventually, the grandfather finds the real cousin, and all is set well again.

The lying is forgiven, and the lovers can remain together in peace. Happy day! I’m not as crazy about it as I was when I first watched it, but I’m still going to buy it. It has some beautiful people in it, as well as characters whose sole purpose is to make you LOL. Mainly Hwang Bo Ra. You’ve got to love that girl, really. She plays Yoo Rin’s best friend, Ahn Jin Shim. The other is Jo Kye Hyung, who plays Ahn Jin Kyu, the brother of Bo Ra’s character, who has a thing for Gong Chan’s secretary.

I recommend this as a starter drama. It’s got a little bit of both the happy, and misunderstandings that are typical of dramas, but not too much of one or the other.

Rating: 3.5/5


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