Full House

Starring: Rain, Song Hye Ko, Han Eun Jung, Kim Sung Soo

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My third drama, I started this sometime during the earlier parts of Golden Bride; I don’t think I had hit the halfway mark yet. I also don’t recall if the Rain obsession happened before or after this drama, but he’s practically all that plays on my computer now (along with Nicholas Teo, and Super Junior).

The story is about Han Ji Eun, an aspiring novelist who returns from vacation to find that her “best friends” have sold her house. This house, called “Full House” was built by her father, and is the only tangible memory Ji Eun has of her parents, who are both dead. She later discovers that its new owner is the famous actor, Lee Young Jae (Rain).

Turns out that she’s already, er…”met” him. They sat next to each other on the plane, and Ji Eun vomited all over his already hideous shirt. You’d think he’d be happy to get rid of it, but of course, he throws a fit. I guess I would too, if someone threw up on me. Oh, but she more formally meets the gorgeous Min Hyuk (Kim Sung Soo).

Due to various misunderstandings (mainly Young Jae’s inability to express his feelings, and his desire to make his love interest jealous), they end up getting married. They set up a six-month contract where Ji Eun acts as a housemaid in order to buy back her house. Along the way, they fall in love, of course.

Let’s talk about Rain. He is such a dork in this, and it’s adorable. If you’ve ever wanted to see him in a pink apron with gloves, watch this show. Young Jae absolutely fails at romantic stuff, and has a really bad temper. He talks through his teeth and makes faces that are about as threatening as a sleeping guinea pig. AWWW.

Min Hyuk needs a little work. He’s pretty much just the recycled “reformed player” character. But if it makes you feel any better, he’s totally hot. No matter how busy, he always makes time in his schedule for Ji Eun. He is clear about his feelings for her, whereas Young Jae is ambigious. But Ji Eun’s heart already belongs to Young Jae. Tough luck, buddy. I’ll take you! :D

Hye Won’s character bothered me slightly. Let’s talk about her wardrobe first ~ does she have to wear things that showcase her bra all the time? I doubt it. Not only that, but she wants everything. She wants Min Hyuk’s love, but she also wants Young Jae to be her confidante, and expects him to be there for her no matter what else is happening in his life. He always comes running to her, and she’s taken that for granted.

The end for Min Hyuk and Hye Won sort of hints that he’ll give her a try. He definitely wants the happy couple to believe that he can be just as happy, dammit. He did say that he sees Hye Won as a younger sister, but that doesn’t mean he’ll never see her as a woman. Oh, well. We’re just happy Young Jae and Ji Eun finally got together for real.

Rating: 3.5/5


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