Smiling Pasta

Starring: Cyndi Wang, Nicholas Teo, Gino, Joyce Zhao

DramaWiki page

This show was my debut into the Twdrama world. It was found by my friend and former roommate while she was checking out Nicholas Tse, as I had mentioned I liked him as an actor. She eventually stumbled upon Nicholas Teo, the lovely man you see above. It is also the Taiwanese version of “Full House,” with the most notable difference being that the media’s role of antagonist is much more prominent.

He plays pop star He Qun, who dreams of someday writing his own music. His girlfriend is Rita (Joyce Zhao), who has always been in love with He Qun’s younger brother, Ah Zhe (Gino). She appears at one of He Qun’s venues to debut as his official girlfriend, only to be stolen away by Ah Zhe.

Cheng Xiao Shi (Cyndi Wang) is the beloved daughter of the owners of 微笑 Pasta, a restaurant that claims to serve authentic Italian dishes that will put a smile on your face. However, Xiao Shi is cursed: she can never have a relationship lasting more than three months. Her 17th boyfriend has just broken up with her when she runs into He Qun…literally. Only, the other way around. While running from some pesky reporters, he trips and lands on top of Xiao Shi, accidentally kissing her. Of course, this is all caught on film. Vincent, He Qun’s manager, declares that they have been dating for one year and are engaged, to escape any scandals. Xiao Shi agrees to pose as He Qun’s fiancée at public functions, and he agrees to be presented to her family as her boyfriend. Amidst all the roleplaying, real feelings develop between the two.

This show is more romantic comedy than anything else I’ve ever seen. In fact, this show spouts rainbows and…turtles. He Qun’s pet name for Xiao Shi is “Wu Gui Mei” (Turtle Girl), because she got last place in the University marathon, and had to wear a turtle shell. During most of the show, He Qun is being ridiculously stubborn. But you can’t stay mad at someone so hot, which is almost infuriating.

One of the main conflicts (you know, other than pretending to be engaged and actually falling in love) is that Ah Zhe left home, and isn’t on good terms with his older brother. He blames He Qun for the death of his former girlfriend, Xiao Rou, who drowned. He Qun wanted to cross a bridge over turbulent water, but Xiao Rou was afraid. Ah Zhe refused to let her cross when he saw her fear. He Qun told them both to trust him, and Xiao Rou reached for his hand, but slipped and fell into the turbulent water. They searched for her, but never found her. From then on, Ah Zhe refused to ever trust his brother again.

Xiao Shi has the slogan: “Just smile, and there’s nothing you can’t overcome!” She tends to make the people around her happy, without even realizing it. He Qun’s father dislikes her at first for lying to him, but soon comes to treasure her as his own daughter. Since Rita is a bit ambiguous about where her heart truly is, Ah Zhe steps in as the shoulder that Xiao Shi can cry on (since he was originally her love interest).

If you don’t like turtles now, you will find them completely adorable and silly after watching this show. Seriously, it’s a laugh. Joyce plays a “rocker chick” with a lot of pride. She even tells He Qun that she’s not a fragile doll. She makes her own decisions, and can stand with or without a man by her side. I blame this series for my girlcrush on her. (:

If you like things with rainbows and butterflies, a dash of drama, and a whole lot of turtles, I don’t know why you haven’t watched this show yet!

Rating: 3.5/5


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