About Me:
  • Do you like [insert group name]?! In all honesty, if it’s Asian, the answer is probably yes. I first sampled Korean music in high school (my friend told me about DBSK), and hated it. I discovered Super Junior in March 2008, and fell in love with Kpop. I’ve been a Jrock fan for almost 9 years. When it comes to music in English, I’m eclectic and like whatever. It should be noted that I have little patience for female artists. They all sound either retarded or like bimbos, so I’ve become extremely picky about the female vocals I listen to.
  • Who is your favorite actor/actress? For whatever reason, I’m unable to have a solid answer when it comes to actresses. They change frequently, so I’m not going to list them.
  1. Korean: Song Chang Ui
  2. Japanese: Toyokawa Etsushi << FUTURE HUSBAND! {27 year age gap ain’t got nothin’ on me}
  3. Taiwanese: Sam Wang? Honestly, I haven’t watched enough Taiwanese things to know for sure.
  4. Mainland: I’m currently watching my first, so my answer would be without substance {Hangeng! cries my fangirly heart}
  • Are there actors/actresses you can’t stand? Two words: RAINIE YANG. I hate her voice, and whenever I see her act, I’m not convinced. No, I take that back: I’m convinced that I need to punch her in the face.
  • Are you Asian? I’m half-Filipino…with minimal traces of Chinese blood, both on my father’s side. You decide if that counts.
  • Why Love Like Oxygen? It’s easy for me to get obsessed with things. Once I get hooked, that fandom becomes like a drug to me, thus like my oxygen. It helps that I’m a recently converted SHINee fan, too.

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